Street Fighter 5 Sponsored Content Is An Acceptable Evolution Of In-Game Monetization

Capcom is offering a free trial of its Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition. This free trial of Street Fighter 5 comes with in-game sponsored content.

Capcom is offering a free trial of its Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition. Along with the free trial of Street Fighter 5 comes in-game sponsored content.

Starting today, Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition will include sponsored content. This in-game sponsored content will display on character clothing or model, on the versus screen before a battle, and some tournament stages will feature sponsored content.

As the titles suggest, I am here to discuss how this is an acceptable evolution of in-game monetization. Also, I will discuss how this Street Fighter 5 In-Game Monetization could prove annoying.

These days publishers are obsessed with including loot boxes or microtransaction into paid games. Which doesn’t make any sense unless it’s a free-to-play game.

However, these free-to-play games need to make money. Thus the gameplay is designed in a way that at some point players will need to buy a weapon or boost through microtransactions.

The point being, these in-game monetizations could potentially ruin the experience and that is why Street Fighter 5 in-game sponsored content is an acceptable alternative.

In this Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition, Capcom is not holding anything back. But, has introduced sponsored content in the background or on character clothing. This allows players to enjoy the game and will also reward players with extra fight money.

This can work wonders for free-to-play titles as players will enjoy full games while devs can make money through in-game sponsored content.

However, here is the part where I explain how this in-game sponsored content can be annoying. Now, players don’t need any distractions while playing video games.

Now the sponsored content playing on character clothing and stage backgrounds will provide plenty of distraction. This will potentially result in a player losing a match.

This is something would require some effort from developers themselves in order to make the sponsored content less distracting. But, the point of introducing it in the first place is to get noticed. This is something that would require some sacrifices from both the devs and gamers.

Just to be clear, I am only talking about sponsored content in free-to-play games as I am not in favor of paid loot boxes and microtransaction in paid video games.

The summary of this whole discussion is that in-game sponsored content can easily replace the microtransaction system. But, only in free-to-play games.

Street Fighter 5 is a fighting video game developed by Capcom for PC and PlayStation 4.

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