Street Fighter 5 March Updates Schedule Revealed, DLC Character Alex Free for Limited Time

The next patch for Street Fighter 5 that will include the Challenge mode will be arriving on March 28, Capcom has revealed. Shortly afterwards, another update will also go live on March 30, which will introduce the in-game shop as well as the first DLC character Alex.

What’s great about the second DLC release is that Alex will be free, albeit temporarily. The reason for this is that Capcom won’t have launched the Zenny shop to take use of Street Fighter 5’s currency in time for the new update.

To compensate for this, Alex will be free up until the Zenny shop launches in the game. Zenny currency can be bought in Street Fighter for real cash and used to buy characters and other items from that shop.

At the moment, it’s unknown when the Zenny shop will launch, so players should have some time to test and even extensively play for Alex before he is no longer available for free.

As a further bonus, Ryu and Chun-Li’s story mode costumes will be made available to all players completely free. The two costumes have a worth of 8000 ‘Fight Money’ which is almost as much as the value of a DLC character.

Capcom says it is a sign of gratitude “for everyone’s patience and understanding throughout the beta phases and game launch.”

It is still unclear when Capcom will address the major issue of rage quitters in Street Fighter 5 and how to punish them, and it seems these two March updates will not tackle this problem. Capcom has however acknowledged the issue and promised to solve it in the future.

Source Capcom

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