Stream 3DS Games With This New Hack

Reddit`s user Yangumasuta that he developed a new custom firmware for Nintendo 3DS. Which allows to capture or stream 3DS games on your PC.

If you own a Nintendo 3Ds then you know streaming or capturing videos from it is not an easy task. It requires a physical mod to be installed on this handheld console. This costs money and also voids the warranty of the handheld and to be honest who has time for physical mods.

The new 3DS was an experiment by Nintendo , I mean releasing a slightly upgraded version of the same handheld along with handful of exclusives and better performance in few games. But still most of the potential of this handheld was not utilized and it was being wasted, well until now.

The reasons I mentioned above were enough for Reddit’s user Yangumasuta that he developed a new custom firmware for Nintendo 3DS. This custom firmware allows you to capture or stream 3DS games on your PC wirelessly without installing any physical mods on your handheld console.

Usually it is a very difficult process capturing footage from this handheld console. With this custom firmware you can stream 3DS games on your PC relatively easily.

The firmware is now at early stages of development and it can potentially brick the handheld consoles who have it installed and obviously the performance is not optimal. Lets hope that Nintendo takes notice and improve its video capturing for Nintendo NX.

Below is the video proof of this custom firmware`s existence, which showcases Fire Emblem being Streamed.

Earlier this year Nintendo revealed that it will release a SNES Virtual Console for new 3DS but not for the old one because the new 3DS has more processing capability than the old one to run the old SNES games.

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