How To Save In Stray

Stray follows the adventures of an adorable cat that must escape the clutches of a dystopian city ruled by robots...

Stray follows the adventures of an adorable cat that must escape the clutches of a dystopian city ruled by robots and machines.

The main story chapters take around six hours to complete but if you are a completionist and want to beat all of the side quests and find all of the collectibles in the game, you will need to invest around 11 to 12 hours.

Being able to save your progression hence becomes important so as not to start from scratch. Stray naturally has a save system but which functions a little differently.

The following guide will tell you how to save your game in Stray.

How To Save Your Game In Stray

The first thing to know is that your game will automatically be saved at various checkpoints during the linear portions of Stray. You do not have to be concerned about losing any progression here. You will also actually not also find the need to save since the linear portions of the game are pretty easy.

However, when you enter the towns, markets, and hubs that can take some time to explore, saving your game becomes a different matter.

Stray has no checkpoints of the traditional kind. This becomes a nuisance when you are looking to complete side quests because the game will not automatically save every few seconds.

What you will be looking to do to save your progression in Stray is to complete one of the main objectives of the chapter.

If you exit the game after spending time looking for collectibles, you will start from your previous save point and have to start looking for the same collectibles all over again.

Hence, it is highly advised that when you are done with your collectibles or side quests, make sure to complete one of the main objectives to save your game at that point. ,

You should also know that there are only three chapters in Stray that have deep level designs, at least deeper than the rest of the chapters. You will only need to be careful about saving your progression in these three chapters. The rest of the game is pretty straightforward.

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