How To Get Into The Nightclub In Stray

While playing stray, you'll reach a point where the cat needs to enter a Nightclub and that's what we'll talk about in this guide,

After a long wait, Stray has finally been released and fans love it, partly because of the adorable feline protagonist you play as. The world of Stray is both engrossing and interesting and some areas stand out such as the Nightclub in midtown.

If you’re trying to find a way into the dubious-looking Nightclub in midtown and are not completely sure how to do so, then look no further. In this guide, we will show you how to enter The Nightclub step by step.

How to get into the Nightclub in Stray

If you are under the impression that you can enter the Nightclub as soon as you see it, then you are wrong. You can talk to the NPCs outside the Nightclub but that’s about it. Unfortunately, there is a detailed process by which you gain entry. Firstly, you must progress the main story until you receive a note asking you to meet in the club.

Interact with the Robots

Once at the club, interact with all the robots you see underneath the sign to gather some information. Next, you must head to the back of the nightclub by using the alleyway next to the front entrance of the club.

You will see a robot NPC sitting on the roof which is a sign that you are at the right place. If you don’t see this robot on the roof, then you must go back to the entrance of the Nightclub and interact with all the NPCs there as this seems to be a requirement for entry.

This robot’s name is Latekila, and you need to head toward it. Parkour your way up to the window by using the big pipes Infront of it.

Clementine’s Clues

Interact with Alex, another robot NPC Infront of the window, and then proceed to make your way into the nightclub. If no NPC is sitting on the window or if the window is closed, make sure you have found all four solutions to Clementines Clues first.

This is the main roadblock for most players. Head to Clementine’s address and take a peek at her clue board. Progressing through this section is relatively easy.

Accessing the upper floor requires you to talk to Fripp. Fripp will offer you a lever in exchange for a drink. You must head to the bar to buy Fripp a drink. Once you have given Fripp a drink you will get the Lever Handle and now you can finally access the upper floor.

We hope you followed this guide and have successfully made it into the Nightclub.

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