Where To Find Bomber Jacket Guy With Gold Chain In Stray

Once the player has been introduced to Clementine, she will describe an ally of hers. His name is Blazer, he wears a brown leather bomber jacket along a golden chain.

According to Clementine, Blazer will help us to get inside Neco Factory without being noticed. Clementine doesn’t disclose his exact location though. Hence, players must find him themselves.

Finding him is necessary to progress further into the story. The game’s main metropolitan area is not that large. Therefore, you can find him simply by wandering around in the city and talking to anyone you find. In this guide, we will save you some time and tell you the exact location of the bomber jacket guy with a gold chain in Stary.

Bomber Jacket Guy With Gold Chain Location

To find the guy wearing a bomber jacket and a gold chain, exit the Nightclub and cross the street. There is an alleyway on the other side of the street. Head down this alleyway and keep going until you reach a junction. Blazer can be found here, waiting for you while reading a newspaper.

This alleyway is the second one you encounter if you head into Midtown after exiting the elevator. Note that if you find Blazer before taking on this quest, he will tell you to leave him alone. If you have taken the quest from Clementine, Blazer will be far more respectful.

After talking to him, he will tell you to help him find a disguise so he can help you get into the Neco factory. This disguise includes two pieces, a worker’s helmet, and a vest. After finding these you will be ready to infiltrate the Neco factory.

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