Best Stray Mods to Install

Stray mods are used for changing the whole gameplay experience on PC. The entire community is busy developing more mods...

Stray mods are used for changing the whole gameplay experience on PC. The entire community is busy developing more mods to enhance user experience and make the game more interesting. In this guide, we will cover some of the best stray mods available for players to install immediately and enjoy.

How to Install Mods in Stray

Installing the mods in Stray is similar to any other game you play. Firstly, you will need to download the desired mod from the Nexusmods, and you can start the installation process.

Once you have downloaded a mod after creating an account on Nexusmods, you have two options to install it. Firstly, you can use Vortex, a Mod Manager application by NexusMods.

Secondly, you can follow the manual downloading and extracting the files in the desired folder. The installation folder for Stray mods is located at the following location on your PC.


After manually extracting the mods files, restart the computer, and the mod will be ready to use.

Best Mods in Stray

The following are some of the best Stray mods you can install on your PC.

CJ Mod

This mod will replace your Cat with the CJ character from GTA. However, this looks a little odd as the character is in the shape of a cat. You might not like to play the whole game like that, but if you are looking for some fun time, you can give it a shot.

First Person Mod

The first-person mod is for you if you want to feel how the Cat sees. This mod will give you a clear cat-eye view in Stray. You can install this mod by downloading it from the Nexusmods site.

Happy Puppy

Happy Puppy is another mod that you can download from Nexusmods. Using this mod allows you to play as a cute puppy that meows. This mod is for the ones who like Puppies more than cats. Installing this mod can be done just like any other mod of Stray.

Glasses Mod

If you want your Cat to look cleverer in Stray, you can use this mod. This mod provides you with glasses for your Cat that you can use with any color mod. The glasses on the Cat will give it a much cleverer look, but it depends on whether you like it or not.

Garfield Mod

This mod will turn your typical orange Cat into Garfield. It is a beautiful cat that is known to be a lazy one but in Stray; it is saving the world by staying a lot active. It may also seem a little funny, but most players love it.

Cat Customization Mods

For customizing your Cat in Stray, you get two amazing mods. The first is available with the Cat Customization name on the Nexusmods website, and the second is with Stray Cat Texture PSD Templates.

These mods will allow you to change the color of your cat eye and fur and provide you with templates. The templates will give different textures for the Body, Moustaches, Eyes, Ear Hairs, Head, and Fur. You can edit out these templates as well if you want some changes.

Simple Realistic 3D Mod

Stray is a beautiful game, but this mod will make it even better. It will enhance the game’s overall effects, like lights, shading, and post-processing, to make it look more realistic. This mod is so good that you will not like to play Stray without it.

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