How To Get Stormcloak Officer Armor in Skyrim

Looking to get and equip the "Armor of Bear" in Skyrim?

Stormcloak Officier Armor is a light armor version of the armor worn by Stormcloaks. This armor is a better version of the basic Stormcloak armor worn by the Stormcloak soldiers. Stormcloak captains can be seen wearing the Stormcloak Officier Armor. This Armor is a part of the Civil War between the Stormcloaks and the Imperial Legion that occurred in Skyrim.

The Stormcloak Officier Armor cannot be crafted on a workbench. It can be upgraded but only to a certain quality. Players need to have a Smithing skill of level 100 to upgrade this armor set fully. Use Enchantments and potions to boost your smithing to upgrade this armor set. Being a Light Armor, the Stromcloak Officer Set provides decent protection, and due to how the armor looks, the armor set is also termed “Bear Armor” in the game.

Armor Ratings and IDs of Stormcloak Officier Armor pieces are as follows:

Armor PieceArmor RatingID

Get Stormcloak Officer Armor by completing “The Battle for Fort Snowhawk”

One way to get the Stormcloak Officier Armor is by completing the “Battle of Fort Snowhawk” Quest. To be able to start the quest, players will have to go to Galmer Stone-Fist at the ‘Hjaalmarch Stormcloak Camp.’ Talk to him, and he will assign players to the quest.

Once started, players have to make their way to Fort Stormhawk, where the Stormcloak soldiers are battling. As you reach the fort, the quest continues, and players have to clear out the fort by killing all the enemies. Once done, you are rewarded with the whole armor set of Stormcloak armor.

Other Ways to Get Officer Stormcloak Armor in Skryim

Players can also get their hands on Stormcloak Armor in Skyrim in other ways, especially during the Civil War quest line.

You can choose to join the Imperial Legion during the “Battle for Whiterun.” When fighting Stormcloak Officiers, you can loot the armor from their dead bodies.

A contract is given by Night Mother where you have to kill the Beautiful Barbarian woman. This woman can be seen wearing the female version of Stormcloak Officier Armor and can be looted from her after you kill her.

Upon the conclusion of “Battle for Windhelm,” while siding with the Stormcloaks, players are rewarded with a Sotrmcloak Armor set by Glamer Stone-Fist.

During the “Siege of the Dragon Cult” quest, you can get the Stormcloak Armor set by killing Captain Valmir. If you joined the Stromcloaks during the Civil War questline, Valmir will be seen wearing the Stormcloak Officier Armor at the start of the quest. If you have joined The Imperial Legion, Valmir will be seen wearing the Stormcloak Armor at the end of the quest when exiting the battlements of the courtyard.

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