Stellaris Slaves Guide – How to Use Slaves to Win Wars

Everything you need to know about Stellaris Slaves with tips and strategies to use slaves and win wars in this expansive real-time strategy game.

Stellaris slaves are probably too overpowered and too undermined at the same time. In Stellaris, you cannot only use slaves to gain early game advantage, but also use them in order to expand and in order to win wars.

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Stellaris Slaves Guide

Our Stellaris Slaves Guide will walk you through using slaves to gain an early advantage, engage in wars, enslave planets, and continue to grow.

Why Choose Slavery
During early game, you get best mineral output which is required for rapid expansion. You will basically get +20% food and mineral production. In addition to this, happiness does not really affect slaves and they are unable to strike – take advantage while it lasts.

One thing that you should know is that they are unproductive if you do not enslave them and never demand freedom, at least in the current build of the game.

Preferred Tech Trees

  • Defensive Module – 10% Evasion
  • Thrusters Level 3 – 30% Evasion
  • Mining Network 2 – More Minerals
  • Deflectors Level ½
  • Reactor Level 2/3 – Shield and Weapon Power
  • Power Generator 2 – Additional Power

Coming to weapons, missiles not only bypass evasion, but also have pretty decent range. Space Torpedoes, on the other hand, bypass shields. Since you need to be building a lot of corvettes, Corvette Shipyard is of paramount importance. These will actually come into play during mid-to-late-game.

Ship Design
You need to think about going with shields or, if you are lucky, with Crystalline Hit Points Module which is better off than shields in large battles.

As mentioned earlier, you need to go with corvettes that will get about 60% evasion with techs, defensive modules, and an evasive leader. Moreover, these are probably the most mineral-efficient ship design in the game. However, do note that these are vulnerable to missiles, but you can always go with the offensive module instead of defensive module.

Ethics, Traits, and Government
For ethics, Fanatic Spiritualist and Collectivist for above 80% happiness on homeworld. For traits, try and go with Industrious and Thrifty. Lastly, for government, try Divine Mandate. For more information on each of these, read out our dedicated Ethics, Traits, and Government guide – attached above!

Starting the Game – General Overview
You need to research colony ships and anything else you prefer while policy set to 30% society research. Your survey ships should be out on survey systems and main fleet on passive stance. Construct one mining network and make sure everyone on the planet is enslaved!

You should also consider having another survey ship with a scientist having more chances of anomaly and less chances of failing. Lastly, you need to make sure that everyone is employed while constantly checking your food output. Do note that during early game, you need to put all your focus on gaining a steady supply of minerals.

Instead of going with research and power plants, go with minerals, but instead of building them all at once, go with a slow and steady approach. Once that is out of the way, put your focus on Power Mining Stations and Society Research Stations.

Next up, you need to build 3 or 4 Colony Ships and begin expanding in any way you prefer, but make sure that you have a steady supply of minerals coming. Do note that you need to be either at 5/5 or 4/5 core sector planets in order to engage in a war. Once you are, start building corvettes up to your Fleet Capacity.

In addition to this, you should also compare yourself to enemy before heading in. In case you are not, try to build more spaceports and power stations in order to increase your Fleet Capacity. If you are still not stronger than your enemy, wait for the major incoming tech, upgrade your ships, and then go in. Alternatively, you can just continue to expand!

After you have successfully conquered new worlds, enslave everyone and turn power stations or research labs into mining networks and farms. Back at your homeworld, try to build some power. You basically need to micromanage POPs while setting up labor camps and mines on slave worlds. After you are done with all the buildings and stuff, turn them into sectors focused on mineral production.

From that point forth, you need to continue expanding and go all in whatever you come across.

Also do not forget to share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments section below!

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