How To Unlock All Outfits In Steelrising

Steelrising has several outfits to deck out your character. Each outfit in the game consists of several parts that can...

Steelrising has several outfits to deck out your character. Each outfit in the game consists of several parts that can be found to complete the whole set in order to equip it.

Finding all outfits in Steelrising will unlock the Fashion Victim achievement. Do note that the outfits are purely cosmetic. There are no stats or bonuses to gain from any outfit in the game.

This guide explains every location you can go to in the world of Steelrising and get every piece of each outfit.

Outfit locations in Steelrising

Versailles is the point where the players would not be able to come back and make any changes. All the outfit locations in Steelrising are to be explored before getting there and this can be made possible by exploring the world of Steelrising by searching the districts in the following order.

Saint Cloud

Polignac Cap: It can be found from the initial Vestal you get to in the district. From there, descend the stairs and continue straight on the past until you reach an area with two enemies. There you can search for a chest with the item in it.

Muscadin Bicorn and Muscadian Coat: Get to the Lantern Area and you’ll see a chest lying in front of you that contains the above-mentioned items.

Les Invalides (First Visit)

Muscadin Culottes & Muscadin Shoes and Gaiters: After getting to the fire area in the Gross Caillou, you’ll see an enemy from a distance. Get to the elevated platform where the enemy is and then later get on the higher platform by making use of a cart there. Use the higher-most ledge to enter the building and search the building to find a chest with items in it.

Diane Breeches & Diane Shoes and Gaiters: Get to the last building by going straight into Esplanade Des Invalides. You’ll find the chest on the lowest floor of the building.

Diane Capeline & Diane Redingote: Take a right turn from the hanging platform in The Factories area. Reach the second building by first getting through a building first. Get to the balcony of the building after getting up through stairs and then by making use of the hanging platform, enter the next building where you can search the chest with required items.

Quadrille Culottes & Quadrille Shoes and Gaiters: When you visit the Les Invalides region for the second time, go over the wall from the balcony and then continue straight until you see a vestal. From this point, breach the Golden Gate and get into the building in front to find the chest.

La Cite

Citizen’s Top Hat and Carmagnole: This chest can be found where you get to beat Unstable Butcher in Place Dauphine.

Citizen’s Trousers and Clogs: Repair the gate opening lever and later get to the vestal.

La Rouiere Carmagnole and Culottes: While completing the side quest, Sleepless, you’ll find this chest.

Formal Bicorn and Doublet: While completing the side quest Glory and Dishonour, you’ll get to the secret headquarters where you’ll find the chest.

The Tuilieres

Grand Veneur Coat & Grand Veneur Tricorn: After getting to the fourth vestal, get through the golden gates that are on the right. The chest can be found by keep going straight in the same direction.

Grand Veneur Culottes & Grand Veneur Shoes & Gaiters: This chest can be found after the Unstable Statuary boss fight near the vestal.

Secret du Roi Culottes & Secret du Roi Shoes And Gaiters: While completing Necker’s quest, use the shortcut from the horseless carriages to get to a gate that you can destroy. The gate leads to the Palace de Tuileries where you can find the quest.


Théâtre-Français Turban & Théâtre-Français Doublet: The chest can be found in an area with a building in the shape of a temple. The area can be reached after continuing on the main path from where the district starts.

Secret du Roi Hood and Coat: Navigate the office of Dr. Lemmonier’s Office using the compass which you’ll find in the proximity of a vestal that is activated after getting rid of the Alchemist of Luxembourg.

Théâtre-Français Tights, Shoes and Buskins: Get to the Cordeliers Convent and search for a chest near it.

Les Invalides (Second Visit)

Quadrille Culottes, Shoes and Gaiters: While you are doing the side quest, Origins, you’ll find a chest inside the house of Eugene de Vaucanson.

Quadrille Tricorn and Dress: Reach the upcoming vestal after destroying the Treasurer of Les Invalides where you’ll see a chest.


Smuggler’s Hat and Mandrin’s Doublet: The next chest can be located in Marat’s place where there are bunk beds.

Mandrin Culottes, Caligae and Buskins: This chest is found in an area of enemies where you get to after getting the elevator repaired at Marat’s place.

Formal Culottes, Shoes and Gaiters: This one can be found while completing the side quest A Family Affair within the Le Cite building.

Boutique Outfits

Below is a list of outfits that you can get from any Boutique

  • Rochambeau Coat
  • Rochambeau Culottes
  • Rochambeau Shoes and Gaiters
  • Rochambeau Tricorn
  • Polignac Boot and Gaiters
  • Poling Culottes
  • Polignac Frock
  • Polignac Riding Hood
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