Best Stats To Upgrade Early In Steelrising

Steelrising is finally out for all players and a lot of new players are checking out the new Soulslike game....

Steelrising is finally out for all players and a lot of new players are checking out the new Soulslike game. Like all soulslike, you need to upgrade your attributes to make the best builds that suit your playstyle.

This guide will help point out the best stats you can invest in Steelrising to get overpowered early on.

Best stats to invest for the early game in Steelrising

There are six different attributes in which you can invest your hard-earned skill points. Each attribute improves a different stat (or area) of your character.

You cannot dump your points at random. The kind of build you are going for determines the attributes and stats you need to become stronger. This makes the early game important because if you invest your points in the right attributes, your character will grow in power to make the early-game enemies easy to deal with.

Something else to note is that stats fall off after 10 points in the game. That is just how Steelrising works. If you invest in Agility, for example, you will notice its improvements past level 10 to not be as much as before.

What you need to do is get your primary attributes up to level 10 and then switch to your secondary attributes. This will create a balance across all of your stats and is how to make your character overpowered in Steelrising.

Each attribute has been explained below to give you an idea of what they do. You will also get to know how many points you must invest into them in the early game.


The most important attribute for you to level up is your Durability. This attribute determines the most important stat you have, your total health pool. Higher Durability means you have more HP and along with that, Durability also increases your Balance.

Balance determines how well will you withstand an attack when you are charging your own attack, without getting knocked back. Basically, it allows you to trade hits with your opponent.

Though we don’t need Balance from the start, health is an absolute must and you need to dump at least 5-10 points into Durability as soon as possible.


You have a stamina bar, and any action like dodging and attacking will eat away a chunk of your stamina bar. You don’t want it to deplete as you will be left almost defenseless if your stamina is out and you have to wait for it to regenerate.

So, the second most important attribute you need to look at is your Vigor. Vigor determines how much Endurance, aka Stamina you have. No matter what class you go for, or what build you make, Vigor is the absolute crucial requirement of every type of build.

Another stat that is determined by your Vigor is your Critical Hit Multiplier. The higher your Vigor, the higher damage you deal in critical attacks. This is no doubt a valuable stat, but again, not really useful in the early game, so your main concern with Vigor is with the Stamina boost you get.


Power is one of the three weapon attributes. Power attribute will increase the damage of power Affinity Weapons and your Impact from attacks.

We know additional damage is always welcomed, so nothing to say about that. The important reason we want to level up Power initially is because of the Impact stat. This stat determines how much hit stun will the enemy suffer when you hit them. Higher Impact will allow you to stagger enemies and prohibit them from retaliating and attacking you.

Impact is very important early on since most of the enemies have low Balance and you can basically keep on stun locking them and killing them off easily. This will allow you to take out a lot of early enemies easily for farming.


This attribute will affect your Armor stat, Loot Multiplier, and Affliction Multiplier.

Affliction Multiplier will increase the damage of any Alchemical affliction you apply on the enemy, and is not of much concern early on.

The main stats you want from Engineering is Armor and Loot Multiplier. Armor stat determines your resistance to damage. The more armor you have, the lesser damage you get from any attack.

Armor is the stat you want before you head on to later areas, as you want to be able to withstand the powerful attack of the later-game enemies.

Next, we also want Loot Multiplier. As you progress, you’ll need more and more resources to fight off the hordes of enemies. Higher Loot Multiplier means you get additional loot from any enemy you kill, and this includes upgrade items for your weapons and other items that you can use to make things easier for yourself.


Agility attribute will increase the damage for all Agility Affinity Weapons. As said before, additional damage is always welcomed.

The second stat that is governed by Agility is Immobilization. This stat increases the stun damage you deal. Once your enemy’s stunned, you can then use your critical hits. This stat is not really useful against normal mobs unless you have very high Agility. This stat is only useful against bosses who have enough health for you to actually stun them without killing them.

Elemental Alchemy

Elemental Alchemy will increase the damage of your Alchemy Affinity Weapons and increase your resistance to Flame, Frost, and Fulmination. These stats are very useful in the late game as you will have a lot of Alchemy weapons and items that can inflict these inflictions, but Elemental Alchemy is the worst attribute to level up at the start of the game.

You don’t have any Alchemy Affinity Weapon and you won’t be facing any enemies who can use these elemental attacks. Therefore, we recommend avoiding wasting any points in this stat early on.

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