Steam Sale Dates Leaked For Halloween, Autumn, And Winter 2021

Like it has happened so many times in the past, the dates for every Steam sale taking place in 2021 have surfaced.

Steam tends to always have the dates for its sales leaked and as tradition dictates, the dates for every Steam sale taking place in 2021 have surfaced as well.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, third-party Valve-and-Steam tracker Steam Database announced that dates for Steam Halloween, Steam Autumn, and Steam Winter sale events have been uncovered from the digital storefront.

Steam Halloween Sale 2021 will take place from October 28 to November 1, while Steam Autumn Sale 2021 will take place from November 24 to November 30. Finally, Steam Winter Sale 2021 will conclude the year by taking place from December 22 to January 5, 2022.

As already mentioned, dates for Steam sale events are notorious to get leaked ahead of scheduled announcements. They are usually on point but it goes without saying that shoppers should not start marking their calendars just yet, at least until Valve comes into the picture with an official confirmation.

Furthermore, with three sales on the docket, it would be wise for users to not pull the trigger on their entire wishlist during the first Halloween sale. Since there will be three sales in roughly two months, users can take advantage by only purchasing games at their most discounted prices.

Hence, wait for that attracting 60-70 percent discount tag. Your favorite game might only be discounted by 20 percent during Halloween but might be slashed down to perhaps 50 percent during the Autumn sale.

Elsewhere, remember that Valve recently made changes to enforce regional pricing. The digital marketplace no longer allows users to change their regions multiple times. They can only do so once every three months. Purchases made will be completed through payment methods of the currently selected region.

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