Steam to Let you Report Titles for Pornography, Hate Speech and More

Up until now, Steam users have not had any say in which games stay up or get flagged from the database based on the content that they have. The report page will let you report games if are in violation of any law or have offensive content among many other things.

Recently, Steam Database Twitter profile announced that Valve will now allow users to report games and titles based on the content that they have.

The snapshot shared through their tweet shows a long list of reasons for which you can submit a flagging request against anything that you may find unsuitable.


This comes in addition to another tweet that announced a feature that would let people rate group announcements; yet another step towards a more properly moderated community.

The tweet about the report system didn’t come with any information regarding the penalty that the reported games will face, neither does it explain what number of reports could lead to game being flagged for something.

Furthermore, the fact that now games could be reported for having offensive or adult content means that many of the games that are currently available on the service could get reported. This tells us that the punishment might not lead to a game being taken down from Steam.

I would say differently about games with fraud or legal violations though. Do you think the Steam report system would bring major changes to the games that are put up?

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