Steam Hardware Survey October 2018: Nvidia Maintain Its Dominance And Snatches More From AMD

Another month has passed and Valve has shared its hardware statistics as part of the Steam Hardware survey for October 2018. Nvidia and Intel not only continue to dominate but has gained more ground. Here is the complete analysis of the Steam Hardware Survey.

Let’s start with the GPUs. Overall GPU market is dominated by Nvidia and the same goes for the Steam. Nvidia continues to dominate, however, in October, Nvidia saw an increase in its GPU usage.

76.56% of Steam users are playing games on a Nvidia GPU, this is up 6.26% from last month. Interestingly, AMD GPUs also saw an increase in their usage but, only a minor increase.

Currently, 13.93% of Steam users are playing games on AMD GPUs. This is up a just a small percentage of 1.73%.

Furthermore, GTX 1060 remains the most popular among the gamers with 14.3% users playing games on it. Despite GTX 1060 having two variants of 3 GB and 6 GB, 2 GB VRAM is still the most common amount of VRAM.

Now let’s analyze the CPU side of things in the Steam Hardware survey. While Intel maintains its dominance but, the usage remains the same as the last month for both Intel and AMD.

8 GB of RAM remains the most common among Steam users given that it is the bare minimum required for gaming. CPUs with 4 Cores maintain the lead with 56.38% users despite a slight decrease.

In terms of display, 1080p remains the most popular resolution among Steam users. Furthermore, Oculus Rift is the VR headset of choice for most Steam users with 46.39%. Check out the full Steam Hardware Survey for October 2018 here.

Speaking of Steam, Valve loves to through Steam sales for PC gamers. This time, dates for two major Steam sales have leaked. These major Steam sales are Autumn Sale and WInter sale.

According to the leak, the Autumn sale will start on November 21 and will continue till November 27. The Winter sale will begin on December 20, 2018, and will continue for two weeks till January 3, 2019.

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