State of Decay 2 Sheriff Missions Walkthrough

State of Decay 2 Sheriff Missions Walkthrough Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about completing Gone Missing, Loyalty, Protection, and Time to Stop Heart Eaters.

This State of Decay 2 Sheriff Missions Walkthrough Guide will be focusing on the four legacy missions which are required to be completed when you make your leader a sheriff

State of Decay 2 Sheriff Missions

Making the leader a sheriff not only unlocks these missions but you also get a unique perk of becoming a sheriff. This perk is Field Hospital that allows you to heal all injuries and sickness.

It somewhat resembles the benefits of an Infirmary apart from crafting cures.

It can also allow passive recovery of health and recovery from trauma, injuries, and infection. This is a great perk and you should consider going for this because it greatly helps you maintain a healthy community in State of Decay 2.

Below you will find all missions specifically for the sheriff and how you can clear them easily. The missions are:

  • Gone Missing
  • Loyalty
  • Protection
  • Time to Stop Heart Eaters

To complete your community as a sheriff, these are all four missions that you must complete.


Gone Missing

The missions itself is short but before you can start this mission, you must clear all of the Plague Hearts in the area.

Once you have cleared the entire area near the community of Plague Hearts, one of the enclaves will contact you regarding a missing enclave. They will ask you to go and look for them.

When you reach the destination marked on the map, you will find out that they have died but there is a note on one of their bodies.

Pick it up and head to the next location. You will find another note at this location.

Once you have picked up both notes, head back to the allied enclave base.

Once there, you will encounter some people trying to kill the enclave. You must defend the enclave and kill the three people trying to kill the enclave.

Once the attackers are dead and the enclave is saved, the mission will be complete.


This mission can be triggered after completing Gone Missing. In this mission, you must explore the areas nearby, find different enclaves and ask them for help.

Some of them will agree with you while some who do not want to help you will be violent towards you. You will be required to kill the violent ones.

Once you have interacted with all the enclaves in the area, the mission will conclude.


This is a simple protection mission. Triggered after completing Loyalty, in this mission one of the friendly enclaves will come under attack by Heart Eaters. You must head to their location and save them.

Once you have defeated all the attacking Heart Eaters, the mission will conclude.

Time to Stop Heart Eaters

This is a concluding mission for this community. Make sure that you have completed everything else because once you have completed this mission; you will start afresh with three members of the current community.

Once you are ready to end the game with this community, head to the location marked on the map. This will lead you to a building where the leader of the Heart Eaters is located. You need to kill him to end the violence of Heart Eaters.

You can snipe the leader of the Heart Eaters from a distance as well if you get a chance but if you failing to do so, you will need to get inside the building to kill him.

There is a large human enemy presence outside the building and you will have to make your way through them.

Kill the leader of the Heart Eaters by any means possible to complete the community and end the game with them.

Once the leader is dead, the remaining enemies will surrender to you and will not be hostile anymore.

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