State of Decay 2 Mods Guide

Mods are fun because they allow you to customize your weapons to your liking. This means that you can have a weapon catering to your own specific playstyle. There are quite a lot of mods for your character in SoD 2 and this State of Decay 2 Mods Guide will help you learn all about them.

Our State of Decay 2 Mods Guide will tell you how to attach mods to your Weapons in the Game and will tell you about some of the mods that are available, Including Facility and Muzzle Mods.

State of Decay 2 Mods

In addition to weapon mods, there are mods that add up to the functions of your facility and improve their abilities and output.

They may even be able to provide newer facilities that may not have been possible otherwise.

These mods are essential to your progress in the game as building up and maintaining facilities in your base and outposts is a vital component of the game.


Most of the buildings and facilities in your base and your outposts have empty slots for you to add mods in there.

Once you have the appropriate mod for a particular facility, you just have to interact with the empty slot in that facility to add the mod to it.

Some mods help the buildings perform their functions, some upgrade or essentially enhance the functioning of the building while others add new features and functions to the buildings altogether.

Once you have the mod in your inventory, head over to it and press X. If your mod is compatible with the weapon that you have equipped at that particular time, then it will turn orange.

At this point, you can press X once again and the mod will attach to your weapon.

Remember that you will need to change your weapon if you have multiple weapons that a mod can be equipped with.

Press RT when you have the weapon selected to detach the mod. Let us go ahead and see some of the mods that are available in SoD 2 as of this time.

Weapon Mods Effects/Uses
Secure Case Ammo Storage is increased.
Small Fuel Tank Fuel Storage is increased.
Compost BinWill Increases yield when attached to a garden or a farm.
Generator Will provide power for some time when attached to a facility.
Stand Mixer Actions will be performed faster when attached to a kitchen.
Water Cooler Will provide water for some time when attached to a facility.
Mini Fridge You will have increased storage for medical supplies and food.
Shotgun Press You can create shotgun rounds by attaching this to a workshop.
Rifle Ammo Press Food yield will increase when this is attached to a garden or a farm.
Bag of Fertilizer By installing this in a workshop, you can craft 5.56 and 7.62 ammo.
Brass Collector Survivors will train at a faster rate if this is attached to a shooting range.
Magnum Ammo Press Installing in a workshop will allow you to craft .357 and .44 ammo.
Jug of Pesticide Medical Production will increase when this is attached to a garden or a farm.
Hand Drill Press The facilities will perform actions at a faster rate when this is installed in a workshop.
Collection of Reference Books Skill improvements rate will increase when this is attached to the Lounge.
Network Signal Booster You can unlock 2 more outpost slots when you attach this. Can be purchased from a network trader.
Game Console You can earn this as a co-op reward. Attaching this to your Lounge will boost morale of the survivors by a large amount.
Heavy Duty Ammo Press You can create .50 Cal and 40mm Grenade rounds by attaching this to a workshop. These rounds are very rare and generally only found in military outposts with the facility of an Artillery Strike.
Anniversary Cake Over (Anniversary Pack) You can make zombie-killing themed anniversary cakes and it will unlock Facility Action allowing you to bake Anniversary Cake
Assortment of Airtight Containers They’ll help keep the food fresh and provide +2 storage
Bike Generator It will generate power and provide it to a facility; however, it will require labor.
Comfy Chair Will provide a nice place to sit and increase everyone’s morale by 3
CLEO Support Transmitter (Daybreak DLC) Aerial drone support delivers measurable decrease in target density surrounding key sites and unlocks Radio Command, CLEO Fire Support
Fireworks Crafting Station (Independence Pack) You can craft consumables and ammunition unique to the Independence Pack DLC. It will unlock the following Facility Actions: Craft Starshank Rounds, Craft Pyro Launcher Munition, Craft XL Firework Shells, Craft Reigns o’Fire, Craft Bouncing Borises, Craft Block Rocker Fireworks
Improvised Weapon Station (Trumbull Valley Pack) You can craft lead-filled bats and improvised rifles from special Network-supplied patterns. It will unlock the following Facility Actions: Craft Suppressed Bolt-Action Rifle, Craft Homemade Assault Rifle, Craft Masterwork Assault Rifle, Craft Lead-Filled Bat
Pallet Storage Solution Keeps your building material organized and increases the material storage by 5
Plague Toxin Distiller (Heartland only) Coverts poison glands into plague busters and unlocks Facility Action of Crafting Plague Busters.
Portable generator Generates power for a Facility using fuel as a raw material
Red Talon Crafting Station (Daybreak DLC) Targeted delegation of manufacture should ensure the completion of secondary directives within medium-range timeframe. It unlocks the following Facility Actions: Craft Fire Bombs, Craft Remote Grenades, Craft Sticky Grenades, Craft Explosive Fuel Traps, Craft Deployable Minefields, Craft Deployable Pyro Minefields, Craft Remote Rocket Pods, Craft CLEO Ammo
Shelving Unit Increase the storage for each resource by 2
Solar Generator Produces off the grid power for a Facility
Wood Stove (Bundle Up Pack) A source of warmth and comfort, increasing everyone’s morale by 3.
Signal Antenna Used to communicate at longer distances, increases the Outpost Slot by 1
All-in-One Workout System It will increase the max health by 5 and improve everyone’s stamina
Set of Free Weights It increases everyone’s max health by 10
 Garden Toolkit It increased the yield for a Facility by 30%
Soil Enrichment Kit It will grow healthier crops and increase everyone’s max health by 10
Canning Station It will help preserve food and increase food storage by 5
Countertop Oven It will help bake pies and increase everyone’s morale by 3
Espresso Machine Will help you make Espresso
Food Dehydrator It will preserve food by removing moisture and help increase food storage by 10. It will require power to operate
Slow Cooker It will help you make stew and increase everyone’s morale by 10. It requires power to operate.
Water boiler It will help perform the actions 50% faster, but it will require water to operate.
Collection of Board Games You can play games and increase everyone’s morale by 15
Minibar You can make yourself drinks and increase everyone’s morale by 25
Advanced Biochem Station It will help you craft ScentBlock, Zedeye, Zedrenaline, Zombait, Bloater Cloud Grenade, and Gas Launcher Ammo
Case of Stabilizing Foam it will instantly replenish the health of an active survivor for free
Cast-Making Kit it will heal level 1 Infirmaries of inactive survivors
Cleaning Station it will heal 25% infections of inactive survivors
Pill Press it will give you a Painkiller Crafting Discount
Sanitizing Machine it will heal 50% infections of inactive survivors. Requires power to operate
Set of Motorized Targets Performs Facility Actions 50% faster, and it requires power to operate
Camp Heater Provide comfort and increases everyone’s morale by 3. It needs fuel to burn
White Noise Machine Increases everyone’s morale by 10 and requires power
Bolt-Crafting Toolset Helps you craft Crossbow Bolts
CNC Mill Helps you make machine parts
Filling Machine Increases Yield When Crafting Molotov and Fuel Bombs
Handgun Ammo Press Helps you craft .22 Cal, 9mm, .45 Cal Rounds
Heavy-Duty Ammo Press Helps you craft .50 Cal and 40mm Rounds
Salvage Furnace Helps you salvage weapons and weapon remains
Set of Power Tools Helps you perform Facility Actions 50% faster. Requires power to operate
Soldering Station Helps you solder Boomboxes. Requires power
Suppressors It will reduce the noise made while firing a weapon, as well as reduce its range, damage, and durability. With Improvised Suppressor the weapons will lose 50% durability, with Handmade Suppressor it will lose 40% durability, with Professional Suppressor it will lose 25% durability, and Advanced Suppressor it will lose only 10%
Brakes It will increase the damage along with the noise.
Chokes They are only used on shotguns and they reduce the spread of the bullets
Trivia You can craft certain attachments, other are found on weapons and some could be accessed from rare merchants.

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