State of Decay 2 Weapons Guide – Best Weapons To Use, How To Upgrade, Crafting Weapons, Repairing (Weapon Tips)

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In this State of Decay 2 Weapons Guide, we will detail everything there is to know about weapons in State of Decay 2. State of Decay 2 features a large number of weapons ranging from melee weapons to ranged weapons to choose from.

We will also tell you how you can acquire these weapons, how to craft, upgrade them, and how you can maintain these Weapons in State of Decay 2.

State of Decay 2 Weapons

State of Decay 2 is an open-world zombie survival game in which you will need to depend heavily on scavenging to located weapons.

Although you have the option to craft the weapons yourself, you will still be required to scavenge for the part and materials required for them. We have detailed all of this information below for you. As an added bonus, we have also shared our list of top five weapons in the game.

Below you will find a detailed guide on how to find, craft, upgrade, and maintain weapons. We have collected everything there is to know about weapons in our State of Decay 2 Weapons Guide for you so that you can easily find all information in one consolidated guide.

Types of Weapons

You basically have three weapon slots on your character in State of Decay 2. These three slots hold three different varieties of weapons. These are listed below.

Close Quarter Weapons

The first one is the slot for backup weapons- these close quarter weapons that come in handy when the rest your weapons break, jam or start to malfunction. These can be a lifesaver.

The weapons contemporary to this class are lightweight and essentially unbreakable, meaning you can carry them around easily along with your primary weapon and they won’t break in the face of trouble. Some of the backup weapons are screwdrivers, chef knives and fighting knives, and K-bar.

Melee Weapons
These are handheld blunt and edged weapons that can tear through zombie flesh causing immense damage. They can execute a zombie with a single blow, however, sometimes it takes a little more than that to end the job.

Some zombies are stronger and heavier- sometimes and cannot be eliminated with only a single slash. They can pose a threat to you survivor as can a hoard or a group of more than 3 zombies while you hold a melee weapon in your hand.

These weapons also get damaged and even break on the frequent and unskillful use and need to be repaired before putting to use again.

We suggest that you use tactics to strike a zombie or a group of them down and they use combos to preserve the integrity of your melee weapon. Also, this will allow you to take down hoards of zombies silently without diverting the attention of others nearby.

Some of the best melee weapons include kukri, ultralight ax, and katana machete.

Ranged Weapons

The variety of ranged weapons that State of Decay 2 offers range from pistol to rifles, machine guns and shotguns and the rest you might expect. Each one of these has their own class of ammunition that works for only a specific weapon or a class of weapons. Therefore, be sure to collect the ammo you require and the ammo contemporary to your weapons.

The ranged weapons have a few attributes that define the functionality and recoil effects of the weapon. These attributes need to be studied before you chose a weapon of your suiting. These are categorized as follows;

Sound: The amount of noise a weapon makes upon being fired. Personally, I think this is the most essential attribute that needs to be analyzed first of all in the weapon in SoD as more noise means more zombie attention.

Weight: It is also a very essential factor in a carried firearm. As the weight of the weapon affects the speed of your survivor. Hence, a heavier weapon means you cannot run from trouble easily.

Ammo Capacity: It determines how much ammo you can hold on your weapon at one time. You need to keep your weapons capacity in mind before you go in guns blazing.

Fire Modes: These are fully automatic, semi-automatic and burst fire. These are a few more modes that define your weapons firing capacity. Some weapons such as the SMGs have multiple fire modes that you can switch by pressing the left trigger button and Y.

Durability: It determines the number of rounds your weapon can fire before it requires maintenance. The durability ranking is specific to a type of weapon as well as not all weapon will work the same on the same durability level.

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Finding Weapons

When you start the game, all you will have on you is a small knife. This small knife will always remain with you but as soon as you start the game, you must start your hunt for better and more effective weapons.

There are tons of weapons to choose from in State of Decay 2. Weapons in the game range from melee weapons, pistols rifles to shotguns and many more.

Melee Weapons can be found from different locations easily. Melee weapons such as bats, pipes, swords, and daggers are found easily in containers spread around the world.

Simply loot them to find more melee weapons. Since melee weapons actually hit the zombies so they need more timely maintenance than ranged weapons. We have detailed how you can repair your weapon below.

Just like Melee Weapons, you will also find Ranged Weapons around the world.

There are different special locations in the world such as:

  • Police Stations
  • Police Check Posts
  • Military Installations

Make sure that you thoroughly scavenge these locations and you will never run out of ammo or guns. Collecting ammo is equally important because, without ammo, guns are of no use.

Crafting Weapons

Apart from finding weapons and ammo, you can also craft weapons and their upgrades at your Home Base.

Once you have made a home base, you can build a workshop on it. The Workshop allows you to craft all sorts of weapons and upgrades for these weapons. To craft a weapon, you will need supplies and materials.

You can craft different variants of the same weapon as well which could be better for a certain role.

Ranged Weapons in State of Decay 2 have seven main attributes that determine the combat effectiveness of the weapon in any given situation.

These attributes include:

  • Power
  • Accuracy
  • Control
  • Maximum Durability
  • Fire Rate
  • Range
  • Quietness

State Of Decay 2 Concept Art
A similar gun can have different variants, which will have different stats making them suitable for different scenarios. You can play around with all of them and find the right one for yourself.

Apart from these general stats, you can also add different upgrades on these weapons to make them even more specialized and suitable for different situations.

Upgrading Weapons

State of Decay 2 offers a wide variety of upgradable options for your weapons.

These upgrades are not just visual as they affect the performance of your weapons in real life altering their stats and making them suitable for different situations.

However, you need to keep this thing in mind that weapon modifications are not universal like most games.

Each gun variant will have its own unique attachments and upgrades that cannot be used with any other gun. You can also upgrade weapons in home bases. You cannot upgrade or modify weapons while out in the world.

However, muzzle attachments can be changed on the go making them the only weapon modification that does not require a Home Base.

You can choose from a wide variety of modifications such as muzzle attachments, suppressors, flash hiders and compensators to put on your guns. With these upgrades and modifications, you can easily create the weapon of your choice.

Repairing Weapons

As you use your weapons in combat, they will wear out and eventually, they will break. Once a weapon breaks, you cannot use it again unless you repair it first.

Nearly every weapon that you have has a certain life, be that a gun, or a melee weapon. Melee weapons will break more often as compared to your guns but guns will require maintenance from time to time as well.

To repair your weapons, you will need a Home Base with a workshop in it. If your home base does not have a workshop yet, you can build one by collecting the materials necessary for it. You just need to find an empty area or a vacant plot in your Home Base where you can build your workshop. In order to build the workshop, you need a few raw materials and an assisting hand to help you build the workshop.

Once your workshop is built, all you need to do is go to the workshop’s menu and choose the weapon that you want to fix.

You will have to un-equip the weapon and transfer it to the home base’s locker. Once the weapon is in the locker, you can choose it and repair the weapon by using the supplies that are required for the procedure.

Depending on the condition of the weapon, a different number of supplies will be required for fixing them. A broken weapon will require a greater number of supplies for repairs.

Melee Weapons will take damage as you use them so they will require more maintenance as compared to guns.

Since supplies are scarce in State of Decay 2, what you can do is keep the ones that you use most and discard all the other extra weapons.

For Melee Weapons, you can choose to keep a few which work out the best for you and discard the remaining ones. For guns, we recommend that you try to keep as many different guns with you as possible.

The main reason for this is that while you are in the wild, you will get a wide variety of ammo. If you do not have a specific type of gun, your ammo will go to waste and you might run out of ammo of your favorite gun while fighting zombies.

To make sure that you can use any sort of ammo found in the world, make sure to keep a gun of every type in your backpack in good condition.

5 Best Weapons

Although the game features a large number of weapons, we have listed our top five favorite weapons that we love to use in the game.

You can choose these weapons if you are unsure about which weapons to use in the game since we are finding these weapons to be an absolute blast.


Weapons Weapon Tips
SP101 Tassie Devil Although it lacks much of a punch, it has extremely high rate of fire and high accuracy. But this is not the main thing that made us add this tiny revolver to our top five list. The best thing about Tassie Devil is that it is unbreakable, as it does not wear out at all. Its ammo is widely available and once you have it, you can have a permanent gun for yourself in State of Decay 2. Although all revolvers are unbreakable in the game, this one has the best stats in its category so it has made it to our top five weapon list.
BML-40 BML-40 is a powerful grenade launcher and it is very good for crowd control. Nothing says hi to a group of zombies than a perfectly timed grenade fired from a BML-40. Each blast is very powerful and deals massive amount of damage. The damage radius is also huge which allows it to clear large groups of zombies with ease.
M4X1 DMR Heavy Featuring both single-shot and fully automatic modes, the M4X1 is a heavy rifle that can take down a single zombie from afar or a group of zombies at nearly any range. It is a very decent assault rifle and can even be equipped with a silencer making it nearly soundless. This is a must-have gun for any survivor.
DEVGRU X12 Infiltrator This fully automatic shotgun boosts exceptional stopping power that will stop a rhino dead in its tracks and a huge clip of 30 shells. Couple this with a super-fast firing speed, the DEVGRY X12 is truly a survivor’s best friend. If you own one, you can handle any sort of situation without the slightest of problems as it mows down waves after waves of zombies.
M99X1 Timberwolf M99X1 Timberwolf can be bought from a Red Talon trader for 1000 Influence Points. It features the maximum available range for any weapon and ensures a one-hit kill. To top it all off, it belongs to the Bolt Action Rifle category which neither jams nor breaks. This makes it one of the deadliest weapons in the game. This is your most powerful, never breaking gun in State of Decay 2.


This concludes our State of Decay 2 Weapons Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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