State of Decay 2 Builder Missions Guide

In this State of Decay 2 Builder Missions Guide, we will guide you on how you can complete all the Builder Missions in State of Decay 2. When you make your leader a specific character, certain side missions are unlocked which must be completed in order to complete the community.

This SoD 2 guide will be focusing when you make your leader a builder. When the leader is made a builder, five missions will be unlocked which will be required to complete.

State of Decay 2 Builder Missions

Along with unlocking these five missions, choosing a builder as your leader also gives you the perk Sniper Tower.

With this perk, you unlock Sniper Cover in your radio. You will need ammo and at least one-armed survivor for it to work.

For best results, you must have two armed survivors. Following missions are unlocked for choosing a builder as your leader:

  • Safe at Home
  • Useful Utilities
  • Strength in Numbers
  • The Call is Answered
  • Neighborly Ultimatum

You will find detailed guides on each of these missions below so that you can complete these missions and unlock your Builder Legacy.

Safe at Home

This is an easy mission. To complete this mission, all you need to do is either build, upgrade or convert any of your facilities in your base camp. If you do not have the supplies for doing so, you must head out and find supplies.

Once you have enough supplies, head back to your base camp and either build, upgrade or convert any one of your buildings. Complete any one task from these and you will complete this simple mission.

Useful Utilities

Your next mission is Useful Utilities that tasks you with building a structure that will provide your base with power. The easiest of all is to build a generator. To build a generator, you will need five materials, an outdoor area and a small lot.

Once you have the generator, you will be required to craft something that requires water or power. You can craft a coffee in the kitchen to complete this task. Once done, this simple mission will be complete as well.

Strength in Numbers

Once Useful Utilities is complete, the next mission unlocked will be Strength in Numbers. For this mission, your first task is to build a workshop. After building the workshop, you must upgrade it until it reaches Level 3.

Once the workshop has reached Level 3, this mission will complete. If you are having trouble upgrading the workshop to Level 3, the game will give you a Mechanics textbook that will help you in upgrading your workshop.

Upgrade the workshop to Level 3 and this mission will conclude. Time for the next mission.

The Call is Answered

This is the second last mission for achieving the Builder Legacy. This mission starts with a group of strangers arriving at your base camp.

They will ask to join your community. You can either allow them to join or refuse them. The choice is yours.

After the first group, two more people will arrive at your base camp and will ask the same question. When you accept their request, one of them will turn into a Plague Zombie. Kill it and then decide the fate of the second person.

Once you have dealt with the second group, one last person will arrive at your camp and ask to join you. Accept him or refuse him to conclude this mission.

Neighborly Ultimatum

This is the last mission for the Builder Legacy. In this mission, a group of people will arrive at your base camp and you will have to talk with them. Upon inquiry, you will find out that they want to take over the camp.

When the conversation ends, a fight will start instantly. You will have to kill all of them. Once they are dead, you will have to defend your base from a zombie attack for three minutes.

Survive the zombie onslaught for three minutes and the mission will conclude unlocking your Builder Legacy.

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