State Of Decay 3 Engine Is Apparently Unreal Engine 5

The State of Decay 3 engine might be Unreal Engine 5, if a job listing from developer Undead Labs is accurate.

Undead Labs, the developers of the State of Decay series, have put up a job listing for a sound engineer. Alongside that listing as the main focus, however, it also gives us at least one hint of what State of Decay 3 engine will be running the game when it releases.

Along with all of the other things a Sound Engineer is expected to know and be familiar with, the job listing on BambooHR has two segments that pull hints towards the possibility that Unreal Engine 5 will be used in State of Decay 3. The first mentions implementing audio through Blueprints (a learning tool that comes with Unreal Engine), while the second mentions familiarity with Unreal Blueprints to begin with.

Considering Unreal Engine 5 is the biggest and best-looking iteration of Epic Games’s proprietary engine yet, it’s no surprise that many studios are going to want to make use of it on their own games, and it being the State of Decay 3 engine isn’t much of a surprise either.

State of Decay 3 was announced at last year’s Xbox presentation, so we don’t know that much about it yet. What we might know, at least from the announcement trailer, is that the zombie infection previously limited to humans has now made the jump to animals.

Otherwise, the State of Decay series is about humans just trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. Players can play as any number of survivors in their camp, going on missions to gather supplies, rescue other survivors, and more.

If what the job listing says is true, and Unreal Engine 5 really will be the State of Decay 3 engine, the game will probably look amazing. But we’ll have to wait for further information to come out about the game before we can be sure, especially since there wasn’t anything about it at this past E3.

If you’re interested in applying, however, you can find the job listing on BambooHR by following this link.

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