Starfield Vulture’s Roost Location Guide

The Vulture's Roost in Starfield is a location that is full of enemies to farm, items to loot, and the chance to get a ship for free.

Farming XP and items can be harder than you think in Starfield. Good loot is hard to come by in the game, and you will need to travel across the galaxy to find it. However, there is one location in the game where your stars will align, and you can get a boatload of stuff. This area is called the Vulture’s Roost in Starfield.

There are plenty of enemies to kill, you can get contraband that you can sell in Starfield, a free ship. But finding this place is a can of worms of its own.

How to get to Vulture’s Roost in Starfield

To begin your quest for this land of treasures, head over to the Jaffa System. Select the Jaffa IV planet and rotate it until you find the Vulture’s Roost. Lo and behold, you will have reached the land of treasures. 

The Jaffa system is located southeast of the Schrodinger’s System, west of Al-Battani, and Khayyam systems. Initially, the Vulture’s Roost may not be available immediately after selecting the Jaffa IV planet. Rotate the planet until you find the landing spot. 

What to do at the Vulture’s Roost in Starfield? 

You will be heading to the Vulture’s Roost for solely one purpose, to farm XP and items. No quests or side quests will take you to this place, so it will be invisible to the players focusing on progressing their storylines.  

Vulture’s Roost is full of valuable contraband, which includes items like Xenowarfare Tech in Starfield. Enemies will also be spawning there, making XP farming infinitely easier.

The main landing pad will be due east from the bar. You will find most of your loot and some enemies in the bar. The levels of the enemies you encounter will be based on your own level.  

After you have cleared out the entire building, further your exploration and go to the landing pad near the rocks. The reinforcements will be arriving there, including an elite boss. If you manage to defeat them, the ship will be added to your inventory.  

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