Starfield Vortex Mod Manager: How To Install, Setup And Fix Errors

To use custom built mods in Starfield, Vortex Mod Manager is the best application.

Vortex Mod Manager is a custom-built application built by Nexusmods to help players use mods inside Starfield. Doing so will help you install any mod listed on their website. Installing and setting up the mod is a lengthy process that, if not done correctly, will cause errors in the future.

How to install and set up Vortex Mod Manager in Starfield

To install and set up Vortex Mod Manager in Starfield, you need to follow the instructions listed below:

  • Head to the official page of Vortex Mod Manager and download the “.exe” setup file from there.
  • For that, you need to select “Download the Latest Version Now” from the download page.
  • After that, you need to choose the “Manual Download” button, which will give you a prompt saying “Additional Files Required,” where you will be able to find the “Download” button.
  • Once the “.exe” installation file for Vortex Mod Manager is downloaded, you must go through the usual installation process.
  • Get inside the application, where you will get a prompt to “Login using the NexusMods Account.”
  • After reaching the application’s homepage, you must find and select the “Starfield” from the “Games” tab.
  • Upon doing so, you will find yourself inside the extension installation window for the Starfield.
  • Once the extension is installed, you must find the Starfield folder inside the “open” popup window.
  • After that, you must set up the folder where your mods will be installed.
  • For that, head inside the “Mods” menu, where you will be able to find a folder named “Mod Staging Folder (Starfield)“.
  • Select the folder icon and ensure it is located on the save disc partition where the original Starfield is installed.
  • Doing the last step will finish the setup process for Vortex Mod Manager.

How to install mods using Vortex Mod Manager

Installing Starfield mods using the Voxtex Mod Manager is an easy task, and it just involves following the simple steps.

  • After completing the installation process, open the Vortex Mod Manager application and minimize in the tray.
  • You must then look for the mod you want to install on the NexusMods website you want to install.
  • Look for the “File” button on the mod webpage and click on the version you want to download.
  • Upon doing so, you will find the “Mod Manager Download” from the available download options.
  • The browser that you are using to download the mod will give you a “prompt” saying, “Open Vortex”.
  • Click the blue prompt options, and your computer will automatically open up the Vortex Mod Manager.
  • You then need to go through the in-app installation process before the mod gets installed.
  • Within the Vortex Mod Manager application, look for the “Mods” on the left tray.
  • You then need to look for the tab called “Deploy Mods” inside the tray.
  • Here, you will be presented with one or two screens to troubleshoot the mod (if there are any conflicting errors with other mods).
  • The installation of the mod is now complete, and you are now free to boot Starfield.

How to fix Vortex Mod Manager Errors in Starfield

If you are getting errors while installing mods from the Vortex Mod Manager, your frustration will go through the roof. Luckily for you, we have all the necessary fixes needed to clear the errors:

Fix the “StarfieldCustom.ini” file type

You will get the mod error “StarfieldCustom.ini” inside the Vortex Mod Manager if the file type is not correct for this. For that, you need to head inside the download location of Starfield and search for the “StarfieldCustom” file.

Upon finding the file with the same name, make sure the file ends with “.ini” instead of “.txt” which gets picked up as default. Once the file type is correct, your error will hopefully be resolved.

Fix the Download location or Mod

This is the solution for the error when you get “Mods Can’t be deployed” inside the Vortex Mod Manager. For that, you need to head inside the setting and check the download location for your mod.

If the mod location is inside the Starfield folder then it is fine otherwise, you need to move the mod folder to the same place where Starfield is downloaded. Sometimes, what happens is that the mod folder is placed inside where the steam is downloaded. This is the main reason why you will get the error.

For this mod error fix, you need to get inside the settings menu of Vortex Mod Manager. From there, look for “Deployment Method” inside the “Mods” tab. You then need to check off the “Hardlink Deployment”. Doing so will prevent any error occurrence in the future by making sure that the mods are “correctly deployed”

Use Notepad ++ to edit “StarfieldCustom.ini”

There is an application called Notepad ++ on PC that you can download to edit extension files. Download it and open the “StarfieldCustom.ini” file using the same app. After that, head inside the properties and make sure that it is “Read only“. Doing so will fix the error in the Vortex Mod Manager mod.

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