What To Do With Va’ruun Heretic Writings In Starfield? 

The Va'ruun Heretic Writings is among the many contraband items in Starfield that you can sell for loads of credits.

The vast world of Starfield is filled with mysterious items and materials that help you advance in your gameplay journey. Some of these items are restricted to keep in your arsenal and can be flagged as illegal by different factions. The Va’ruun Heretic Writings are among the contraband category in Starfield.

It is illegal to possess them, and you will get in trouble. If you get caught, you will get a bounty and will need to get rid of this bounty in Starfield. So it becomes essential to sell them at the first available opportunity.

Va’ruun Heretic Writings Location in Starfield 

The House Va’ruun was once a mighty power that invaded and conquered planets a few hundred years before the events of Starfield. Though the last great king of this house, Jarek ended the Serpent’s Crusade. Although he made peace with other powers, his descendants could not keep the tradition.

After becoming Va’ruun cultists, they continued to plague human societies. The Va’ruun Heretic Writings are also situated in the RE-39 Starstation. You can look for them in Va’ruun Cultist sites and camps. 

How to use Va’ruun Heretic Writings in Starfield 

You can utilize Va’ruun Heretic Writings primarily in two ways. 

Finish the Crimson Fleet quest  

The first way to use Va’runn Heretic Writings is to pursue a quest at the Crimson Fleet headquarters in Key. After getting the offer from Commander Ikande, you need to go to the Key to join and infiltrate the faction. There, you can complete the quest by interacting with a corrupt officer. 

Sell at the Trade Authority 

Among all the retailers, you can only sell contraband in Starfield to the Trade Authority vendors. So, look for a Trade Authority shop and sell the Va’ruun Heretic Writings there. You will get a random amount of credits for this trade.

However, rest assured that this will always be reasonable according to your hard work. You can also try to sell these writings to other vendors in the game.

If you are fortunate enough, they will accept it and give credits in return. However, this method has its risks, as you may get caught during your trade. You may get bounties on you in Starfield which you will then need to clear.

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