Starfield: Turrets Cannot Be Fired Manually Fixed

Fix the turret errors and fire them automatically.

The “Turrets cannot be fired manually” error in Starfield prevents players from working around turrets that refuse to fire. Being in a dogfight with turrets that won’t work is a recipe for disaster. If you’re experiencing the same issue, worry not. In this guide, we’ll detail some troubleshooting tips shared by players that resolve the issue.

How to fix Turrets cannot be fired manually in Starfield

It’s important to note that the root of the problem varies from individual to individual. If one doesn’t work, it’s likely a different solution will.

Do make sure that your turrets are hard-mounted beforehand. Doing so is a prerequisite to making your turret eligible for manual fire. Also, ensure sufficient power is being sent to the turrets. With that out of the way, here are some of the solutions:

1: Change your turret placement

Turret placement and direction is a factor of great importance. Turrets typically have a great aim in Starfield, capable of aiming up, down, and sideways. Installing them in a blind spot limits their ability to function properly. Always ensure you have them placed on the front or sides.

2: Employ Target Lock

Another method recommended by players is to use Target Lock. Keep enemies in your aiming reticle for scanning till the Target Lock option is available. Once activated, it may spur your turrets to action and get them to take down the enemy.

3: Place a manual weapon near your turrets

This is somewhat unconventional, but certain users have mentioned this working out. Place any manual weapon of choice next to a turret. Ensure the orientation is right, and upon use in battle, your turrets may start firing, too.

On a side note, various skills also boost turret effectiveness. The Automated Weapon Systems Skill increases turret damage. Meanwhile, the Targeting Control Systems skill lets you decide on a turret’s target. The latter can also help you in solving turrets that cannot be fired manually error in Starfield.

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