Starfield Temple Eta Location and Puzzle Solution

If you solve it successfully, the Temple Eta puzzle in Into the Unknown quest can get you the first Starfield power.

The Temple Eta Puzzle appears during your search for the gravitational anomaly during the main mission, Into the Unknown in Starfield. The game takes you to Procyon III, where you will follow the subtle distortions on your scanner, eventually leading you to a stranger erect structure in the wasteland. It is a type of puzzle known as Temple Eta in Starfield by the locals.

This temple seems to radiate the same strange power that your artifacts have. After entering Temple Eta, you will be in a room with zero gravity. Large rotating rings in the middle of the room look like a gyroscope. This is the Temple Eta puzzle.

Temple Eta location in Starfield

Once you’ve started the main mission, Into the Unknown, Vladimir will tell you exactly where to go. The temple is located on a planet called Procyon III in the Procyon A system. Use the map above to locate the system. First, you’ll need to search for anomalies on the planet.

Open up your scanner and rotate the planet until you see an icon that says ‘Scanner Anomaly’. Land your spaceship there and exit. Once you’re on the surface, you’ll then need to make use of your hand scanner.  

Use your scanner to scan your surroundings. Rotate your camera until the ring that appears on your HUD starts distorting. Head in the general direction of where the distortion happens until you come upon the temple. There are two entrances to the temple on opposite sides of the structure. Both entrances are flanked by high walls which makes them easy to spot. Simply enter through any of the two entrances to initiate the puzzle.

Starfield Into the Unknown Temple Eta Puzzle solution

Once you’re in Temple Eta, you have to move through a series of sparks to finish the puzzle. These sparks spawn all over the area and you have to pass them in a set amount of time to successfully finish the puzzle.

As you enter the room, you will enter a zero-gravity environment. This will allow you to move freely in all directions. Besides the large spinning ring in the middle of the room, you will notice sparks of light appearing at different points.

You must fly into these sparks as they appear in the Starfield Temple Eta. Each time you touch one of these light sparks, a note from a melody will play while the spinning rings’ speed keeps increasing.

After doing so several times, the spark will stop appearing, and all the rings will align. Now, you only need to fly through them to complete the Temple Eta puzzle in Starfield.

It is worth noting that each time you collect a spark, the time window for collecting the next spark gets smaller. This means the sparks will disappear earlier before reappearing in a different part of the room, making them difficult to collect.

If you miss a spark, there is no need to be frustrated, as the puzzle’s progress does not reset. Just be quick on your feet; you will collect all the sparks at your own pace! Once you solve the puzzle, you will get your first Starfield Power.

Starfield Temple Eta Power

Once you solve the puzzle, you will get your first Starfield Power: Anti-Gravity. This ability allows you to create a zone of zero gravity in your immediate vicinity that you can use to launch your enemies and yourself into the air for a short time.

Temple Eta not spawning bug  

Sometimes, Temple Eta may not spawn on its relevant planet due to a game-breaking bug. This effectively means that you won’t be able to finish the story because the puzzle is part of the main Starfield storyline. To fix this glitch, you can use two methods. 

  • On PC, using console commands, you can force complete the quest and still acquire the power. To do this, press the ‘~’ key to bring up the console command dialogue box and then type in ‘player.addspell 2BACBA’ followed by ‘setstage 000160A9 600’. The first command adds the power to your character, and the second command finishes the quest.  
  • On Xbox, the only fix as of right now is to reload a previous save file. This fix also works on PC 

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