How to Skip Main Questline in Starfield

To skip the main questline in Starfield, you'll need to talk to Sarah in NG+ and tell her you're a Starborn.

Like in most modern games, Starfield also has a new game+ feature where you can replay the game with a higher level and equipment. This helps you with farming more high-level items for yourself and killing difficult bosses with relative ease. However, Starfield also lets you skip the main questline entirely in NG+ mode and go directly past the ending and explore.

In this guide we will be showing you how you can do that. 

How to skip the main quest line in Starfield? 

After finishing the game and unlocking NG+ in Starfield, follow these steps to skip the Main Questline in Starfield. 

Step 1 

After starting your NG+ playthrough, head directly to the Lodge. The story playout is a little different in the NG+. Instead of you, the artifact was delivered by Vasco and they know that you are a miner but you died. 

Step 2  

After arriving at the Lodge, interact with Sarah. She will be situated in the library. Go up and talk to her. 

Step 3  

After certain dialogues, you will be offered 2 choices. One will be to repeat the mainline quest. In this, you will keep your knowledge a secret from your friends. The other one will be to skip the mainline quest. In this, you will tell them that you are a Starborn. To skip the main questline in Starfield, select the ‘Skip Main Quest’ option. 

What happens when you skip the main quest line? 

After you select to skip the main questline in Starfield, Sarah will believe you and point you towards the location of 6 more artifacts to collect. What essentially happens is that you get stuck in a loop, and you can keep leveling your character’s stats up to your heart’s desire. You will also unlock an upgraded version of your powers. 

So essentially, instead of going through a complete quest, you get the exact location of an artifact. You can then head to the planet and collect the artifact without any hustle. 

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