What Does Skip Capacity Boost Pack Do In Starfield?

The Skip Capacity Boost Pack in Starfield allows you to use more boost per use and last longer in the game.

The Skip Capacity Boost Pack in Starfield is an item that saves you from running out of juice. No one wants to be caught with your boost pack on low juice. This can be especially cumbersome if you are in a combat scenario or just need to quickly escape.

In this scenario, the Skip Capacity Boost Pack allows you to recharge your powers and use them again. In this guide, we will be going over what exactly a Skip Capacity Boost Pack is, and why it is useful for you.

Skip Capacity Boost Pack in Starfield Explained

There is a total of four boost packs in Starfield available in the game; namely the Basic Boost Pack, the Skip Capacity Boost Pack, the Balanced Boost Pack, and finally the Power Boost Pack. The Skip Capacity Boost Pack essentially allows you to fill up your boost meter much quicker. It provides a 50% greater boost generation over a standard boost pack.

Apart from this, it also has a few pros and cons of its own. Firstly, it has a fairly respectable boost. This means it works great on low-gravity planets. However, the boost is not strong enough to get you as high as some other boost packs such as the Power Boost Pack.

To use the Skip Capacity Boost Pack (or any other boost pack for that matter) press the jump button once and when you are airborne, press it once again to boost. On Xbox, the default jump button is Y, on PC, it is the spacebar key.

The Skip Capacity Boost Pack is not the best as far as sheer functionality is concerned. But its ability to regenerate boost makes it a viable choice. Not only does this allow you to get out of tricky situations with ease, it also means that there will be very few instances where you wll find yourself out of Boost when using this item.

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