How To Get To Skink In Starfield

Visit Skink to collect some important resources and complete a quest.

In Starfield, Skink is an important planet you must visit to complete a quest. This planet is unsuitable for life, but the extreme temperatures make it an ideal planet to farm precious metals. This planet is a bit hard to locate, but you don’t have to worry; we will provide complete details about its location and what you can do there.

Starfield Skink location

Skink can be found in the Cheyenne system. You can find this system right between the Narion and Kryx systems. Once you get there, look for the planet closest to the sun. Due to its proximity to the sun, Cheyenne is unsuitable for life, hosting desolate rocky and volcanic biomes.

Still, each planet is unique in what it offers. Skink’s unique atmosphere in Starfield makes it a treasure trove for various metals, including but not limited to:

  • Mercury
  • Nickel
  • Fluorine
  • Cobalt
  • Silver

Be warned that you will suffer solar radiation and ambient heat damage on Skink if unprepared. Moreover, you cannot build any outposts here until you unlock the relevant skill that allows you to do so.

Skink Power From Beyond temple bug solution

You may encounter a strange bug if you are exploring Skink to complete the Power from Beyond quest in Starfield. Some users report being unable to see the planet’s Scanner Anomaly Landing Area icon.

If you’re experiencing this bug, the only remedy is to land on the planet and find the tallest peak possible. From there, open your scanner and look for a certain distortion that leads to some alien ruins. You need to follow the distortions to reach this area in Starfield.

The same steps apply if you see the landing area but the quest marker doesn’t appear. However, it may be worth going into your quest log and manually selecting the mission objective. Doing so tends to activate the quest marker to the temple.

The Temple you find will always be randomized on these planets. In our case, we find Temple Tau, so the power we obtain is Reactive Shield.

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