How To Get Sealant In Starfield

Sealant is a commonly found but highly useful crafting material in Starfield and we can help you find more if you are in short supply.

Sealant in Starfield is a relatively common tier item, however, its application as a crafting component is very high-end. That is especially true when you consider just how many types of items require Sealant as a key component. Having a sufficient supply under your belt will go a long way. We are here to help you find sources where you can easily get Sealant in Starfield and how to use this crafting resource.

Starfield Sealant locations

Being a crafting item, sealant can be acquired from a number of sources in the game. To meet the crafting demands, you need to have an idea of them all as no single source will provide enough sealant. We will divide this section into two categories

Where to buy Sealant from

The vendors who sell Sealant will largely be concentrated in Planets Jemison and Volii Alpha. Below is a list of all the vendors who can sell you sealant in Starfield. If the vendor runs out of stock, wait 1-2 in-game days and check again. They should have sealant back in stock again.

Jemison, New Atlantis City: Jemison Mercantile, Outlands, UC Distribution, Apex Electronics.

Volii Alpha, Neon City: Newill’s Goods, Sieghart’s Outfitters

How to find sealant through exploration

To naturally farm Sealant, you will want to set a course to the Andromas system, more specifically, to planet Andromas II. Click on the planet and when deciding where to land, you will want to hover over the surface and find the ‘Savanna’ destination. Once you have found it, simply proceed with landing.


After touching down on the surface, open your scanner and search for a particular ‘Fallen Star Palm’ tree. You will want to go up to these trees, scan them and proceed to harvest them. Doing so will give you the item Sealant (Sap).

Alternatively, you will also find plenty of sealant while exploring different areas in Starfield. Locations that look like research labs typically have a fair amount of sealant as loot in them.

What is Sealant used for

As mentioned before, Sealant has a myriad of applications. To keep it simple, it is a crafting component for a variety of items, ranging from buildings and medicines to research projects and weapon upgrades.

Below is a list of some of the various items that require Sealant as a basic crafting component:

Outpost items

Greenhouse and Animal Husbandry Facilities to cultivate specific flora and fauna.

Simple Fabricator (converts raw resources into finished, manufactured goods e.g., creates an adaptive frame using Iron and Aluminum).

Building objects which are used to create a functioning housing system: Outpost airlock, Four wall hab, Hydroponic Hab A, Science Hab Small, Military Hab, Hab Round, Hydroponic Hab Round, Hallway – Military, Large Hex Hab, Sleeping bag etc. and all similarly associated items require Sealant in order to create.

Medical/Aid items

Bandages and Immobilizers. The former to cure statuses such as Lacerations and puncture wounds and the latter to cure heavy body trauma such as Torn muscles, Fractured Skull, Dislocated Limb etc.

Research projects

When you first put down your outpost, most building options will be unavailable to you. Only through specific research projects can you unlock more of these options, all of which you can conduct through the outpost development tab in the Research Lab.

Manufacturing 1, 2 and 3 require Sealant, as do other research projects such as Barrel mods and Muzzle mods for your weapons before you can craft those mods at a weapon workbench.

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