How To Find The Scorpion Sting On HYLA II In Starfield

Solving the Scorpion Sting puzzle in Starfield is an easy job if you know which Glyphs to move.

Starfield will keep you engaged with its missions, and you will often have to complete certain puzzles like Scorpion Sting. This is a relatively easy mission you can complete as a part of the Unity mission.

You must set your course for the Hyla System and then travel to the planet Hyla II in Starfield. Upon reaching the planet’s surface, head straight toward the marker. You will hear Sarah saying that incredibly beautiful structures will surround the place.

How to solve the Scorpion’s Sting puzzle in Starfield

Once you get to the Ancient Ruins, you will notice that the place crawls with creatures like Hunting Ikuradon. These creatures will be minding their own business, so it is best not to engage any of them. Instead, you can walk past them and reach the maker to find the Scorpion’s Sting on Hyla II.

One important thing to note here is that if you struggle to get to this place, you can probably rest until nighttime. That way, you can quickly get to this specific area in Starfield.

After reaching the exact marker location, you will see a floating glyph and a beam coming down from the sky. In short, a sequence of Stars will be a Starfield Scorpion Constellation on the ground ahead.

Moreover, looking around, you will observe four glyphs surrounding the small area. It would be best if you operated each Glyphs to re-position the light beam onto the left side of the stars. In short, All you need to do is to move the glyphs so the light will reach the initial star on the left side of that sequence.


You can move the glyph present on the left side first. Move it at least thrice, then focus on the glyph at the bottom next to Starfield. You will only have to move this glyph once. This way, you will get the job done relatively quickly in Starfield.

Furthermore, a ball of glowing light will emerge on that star, concluding the mission to find the Scorpion Sting on Hyla II in Starfield.

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