Starfield Best Rifles Ranked

Rifles are wonderful weapons in Starfield that will take care of your enemies before they get close to becoming a problem for you.

Starfield offers a ton of unique weapons, including pistols, shotguns, and rifles. Rifles are primarily built to engage ranged targets. Each shot from a rifle, especially a sniper rifle, can devastate enemies and surprise them from a distance.

The goal of a rifle is to engage the enemy at a distance. They are supposed to take them out before they can enter close range and create problems for you. As such, a rifle should always be your main weapon in Starfield. In this guide, we will discuss Starfield’s best rifles and rank them in order. 

1. Unmitigated Violence 

If you are looking for a weapon that is a bit more conservative with ammo but still very powerful, look no further. Unmitigated Violence is a legendary laser rifle you can obtain after taking out The Hunter. You will do this while pursuing the Unearthed main story mission.

As a legendary weapon, it comes with three unique perks: Frenzy, Radioactive, and Instigating. 

Base Damage: 125 (Laser) 

Accuracy: 77.2 %  


Fire Rate: 33 

Range: 64m 

2. Revenant 

No matter how hard the circumstances you are facing in Starfield, a legendary weapon can make things right in seconds. One of these legendary weapons is Revenant, a lightweight rifle with an incredible fire rate and manageable recoil. The main strength of this rifle is its perks, including Extended Magazine, Lecerate, and Titanium Build.

Additionally, carrying this weapon is extremely easy during combat and exploration due to being extremely light in weight. 

Base Damage: 16 

Accuracy: 69. 8 % 

Fire Rate: 330 

Range: 44m 

3. Old Earth Hunting Rifle 

Old Earth Hunting Rifle is a bolt-action rifle that you can find in Settled Systems. It has a credit value of 5,264, with explosive base damage and exceptional fire range and accuracy. This makes it one of the best weapons or rifles in Starfield. 

Base Damage: 100 

Accuracy: 86.8  

Fire Rate: 40 

Range: 100m 

4. Beowulf 

Beowulf is one of the best rifles in Starfield. You can obtain it from random NPCs and loot containers. The residents of the United Colonies faction commonly use this weapon. Beowulf provides decent base damage upon hitting and has a normal fire range. However, it lacks in fire rate and accuracy. 

Base Damage: 43 

Accuracy: 69.1 

Fire Rate: 50 

Range: 40m 

5. Marksman’s AA-99 

The Marksman’s AA-99 is a fully automated rifle with a medium range of fire. You can get your hands on this rifle by purchasing it from Centurian Arsenal Shop on New Atlantis in Starfield. This weapon also has a rare effect, Hitman.

Although it has less base damage than other powerful rifles, its fire range accuracy surpasses many in the game. 

Base Damage: 31 

Accuracy: 81.7 % 

Fire Rate: 40 

Range: 42 

6. Fiscal Quarter 

You can get your hands on Fiscal Quarter by finishing the main story quest, All That Money Can Buy. This weapon provides good accuracy and fire rate while shooting targets. However, the base damage of this rifle is not considerably high compared to other powerful rifles in Starfield. 

Base Damage: 5  

Accuracy: 73.5 

Fire Rate: 180 

Range: 40m 

7. Malestorm 

Malestorm is a ballistic assault rifle manufactured by the Crimson Fleet and can be obtained from Pirate Freebooter. Although the damage output from this weapon is pretty low, it is still great in the early game stages. Additionally, you can modify it according to your playstyle by applying up to seven weapon mods 

Base Damage: 12 

Accuracy: 65.8 

Fire Rate: 150 

Range: 40m 

8. Novablast Disruptor 

Similar to Equinox, the Novablast Disruptor has strong Electromagnetic damage-dealing capacities. This rifle is designed for mid-range encounters, where many robotic creatures fight against you. Its low mass ensures swift movement, while its high fire rate and accuracy make it possible to take down enemies with great precision. It uses Heavy Fuse ammo and has a mag capacity of 5. 

Base Damage: 100 (EM) 

Accuracy: 70.2 %  

Fire Rate: 20 

Range: 29m 

9. Equinox 

The Equinox is a rifle manufactured by Combatech of planet Jemison, a favorite to Crimson Fleet soldiers. Obtained after killing Spacer Punk, this laser rifle has a decent fire rate and accuracy. Although not a physical damage dealer, it fires electromagnetic and Ignition beams that knock robot enemies and burn living creatures, respectively. 

Base Damage: 13 (EM) 

Accuracy: 70.2 % 

Fire Rate: 50 

Range: 50m 

10. Gallow’s Reach 

Another version of the Old Earth Hunting rifle, the Gallow’s Reach certainly positions itself in Starfield’s best rifles. You can obtain it by looting from Captain Petrov’s vault, during the No Sudden Moves main story quest.

This weapon has a unique perk called Poison, which does exactly how it sounds. It randomly inflicts a target with poison damage, slowing the target down. 

Base Damage: 26 

Accuracy: 71 % 

Fire Rate: 150 

Range: 44m 

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