How To Respec Skill Points In Starfield

What comes as a surprise in a Bethesda game is that there is currently no way to respec your character in Starfield.

If there is one thing every player wants to know in a role-playing game like Starfield, it is how to respec and reset their character skills.

This is important in the sense that such games can potentially take over a hundred hours to complete. With multiple skill trees, character builds, and an understanding of the game the more you play, you are likely going to want to reset your skill points to invest them into something better later on.

In the case of Starfield, you get a skill point every time you level up, which can then be invested in one of the five skill trees to unlock new abilities: Combat, Physical, Social, Science, and Technology.

Since you are working hard to unlock more skill points, it is important that you spend them right the first time, or else you will want to know how to respec your character and reset your skills in Starfield.

How to respec and reset skills in Starfield

What comes as a surprise in a Bethesda game is that there is currently no way to respec your character in Starfield. Hence, any skill points that you invest in a skill tree or skill node are permanent.

Starfield was only released recently, so a future update (DLC or otherwise) could add a way to reset and get back your skill points. For the time being though, unlocking new skills is a one-way street.


As for why Starfield does not feature a way to respec, it could be because the game has no max-level cap. You can keep leveling up your character to unlock enough skill points to unlock all available skills in the game.

While you are going to need to farm a lot of XP for each level-up at higher levels, you are eventually going to unlock everything. Thus, relinquishing the need for a way to respec your skills.

That being said, you are still going to need to know the best skills to unlock in the early game of Starfield. This is going to give you an advantage against some of the rather difficult enemies or missions.

We recommend looking up some of the best Starfield builds before starting a playthrough. This way you can unlock the right skills at the right time because unlocking new skills becomes harder with progression. If you unlocked the wrong skills for your build, you will have a hard time until you have gained enough levels.

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