How To Repair Your Ship In Starfield 

Knowing how to repair your ship in Starfield is vital knowledge. You will need to know how to do it to survive in the game.

Exploring the vast world of Starfield will have you roam around planets on your starship. Most of the time, your traveling routes will introduce you to enemy encounters. These hostile engagements may result in your ship getting damaged. After all, your flying vehicle is not invincible. Luckily, Starfield allows you to repair your ship in several ways.

How to Fix Your Ship in Starfield 

There are essentially two methods to get your ship fixed in the game. Let’s discuss both of them in detail. 

Visit the Ship Services Technician 

The first method is to access the Ship Services Technician for his help in the matter. He will do the deed after taking 1,000 credits from you. The downside of this method is that you need to wander around big cities and look for this NPC in Ship Services Stores.  

These stores are usually found near local spaceports, so going to other places is no use. This also means that you cannot repair your ship on the spot after it is damaged. You have to return to a city just for this purpose. 

Collect Ship Parts  

The second method to repair your ship in Starfield is adding parts to the ship’s body. This way, 4% health of your ship is restored in just a matter of ten seconds. Despite being a quicker way of fixing starships, many players hesitate to use ship parts to repair their damaged flying vehicles. The reason is that ship parts are valuable resources and should only be used in desperate conditions. 

The only time to use ship parts to fix your ship is during a serious fight when there’s no other way around. To use ship parts in the game, 

  • Make sure you have the required parts in your ship’s cargo. 
  • Press O on your keyboard or R3 in the case of a console controller while flying your ship. 

And that’s all you need to restore that 4% of your ship’s health (durability).  

How to Get More Ship Parts 

Ship parts are nothing but a usual product in Starfield. You can find these in meager amounts in the local markets in cities and towns. Apart from that, you can receive them as a reward from Patrols for helping them take down pirates.  

While you are journeying from planet to planet for your purposes, there might be some instances where Factions are fighting against evil pirates. If you care to stop by and fight from the Faction’s side, they will appreciate your efforts by giving you ship parts. 

Lastly, you can expect to get ship parts from defeated enemy starships. For this reason, it is recommended to always loot enemy ships before leaving the battlefield. 

When should you repair your ship in Starfield? 

Once you lose your ship’s shield, its hull starts getting damaged. Boarding the same flying vehicle for longer in this condition can have serious consequences. That is when you know there is an urgent need to repair the ship. Then, you can utilize any of the aforementioned methods to fix your Starship. 

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