How To Rename Your Ship In Starfield

Starfield allows you to change many aspects of the gameplay including providing you the chance to rename your ship.

In Starfield, you have limitless options for customization. From building your character, choosing a background, and traits, to naming your ships. However, sometimes you can make bad choices and may want to change them. For example, you may have chosen a bad name, and now you want to rename your ship in Starfield.

You can name your ship once when you acquire it by any means necessary. But then, the option to rename it goes ghost mode. But there is a way to access that information in the game.

How to rename your ship in Starfield

Let us say you thought of a name that sounded cool for your ship. But as the game progressed, you realized your choice was less than appropriate. Now, you may want to rename your ship in Starfield. The process is rather simple. 

You will need to go to the Landing Pad where your ship is awaiting your arrival. Go towards the Ship Services Booth and talk to the technician there. Ask for modifications, and you will have a tab open on your screen.  

Press B if you are playing on PC to open the Ship Builder Menu. Another tab will appear. This time, select the Flight Check option by pressing C. 

Below the flight check menu, you will find the Rename Ship button operated by pressing G. Erase your current name, choose an appropriate one, and press E to confirm your choice. 


There will be absolutely no creds required for this minor modification, and you can change it as many times you want. So you do not have to worry about being stuck with a dumb name for your extraordinary space vessel.  

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