What Is The Best Place To Build A Ship In Starfield? 

Choosing where to build your ship in Starfield will dictate how many parts you can access. Some locations grant you access to a lot of parts while others do not.

Building your ship is a fundamental part of the Starfield experience. This feature allows you to change up and customize your ship from a visual and functional standpoint. This lets you build a unique ship that gets better every time you upgrade it. However, in Starfield, you can only do so in certain locations, usually at a landing pad or a specific vendor.

Some vendors and locations offer a specific selection of parts, while others offer their own. So, at any time, you will only have a limited number of ship parts in Starfield that you can add. But one location offers the most number of part options than others.

Where to build your ship in Starfield?  

You can build a ship in several different locations in Starfield. Each area offers its own set of parts, but one location offers an overwhelming majority of the available parts in the game in one singular area.  

Your Outpost 

The best place to build a ship in Starfield is on your outpost. We recommend you build your outpost in the Schrodinger system for this. Build an outpost in Starfield and then add an advanced landing pad. Planets in the Schrodinger system tend to be rich in valuable resources that can aid you in building your advanced landing pad.  

Once you establish your outpost on a planet, you can enter the build menu by entering the scan mode. You can do this by pressing either X on Xbox or R on PC. Once you are in the building mode, select the module known as “Landing Pad with Shipbuilder”. This landing pad requires 18x adaptive frame, 2x beryllium, 30x iron, and 2x zero wire.  

When you land your ship on this pad, you can customize and build your ship. The main advantage of this shipbuilder is that it has access to 90% of all available ship components in one place. Instead of going to specific locations to seek out certain parts, nearly everything is available right here.

Taiyo Astroneering  

Taiyo Astroneering is another great option to build a ship in Starfield. This ship-building area is in the Volii System, particularly on Volii Alpha. This option also has a lot of great components that your ship can benefit from.

You can deck out your ship considerably by visiting Taiyo Astroneering. This area is also where you can buy the Narwhal, one of the best ships in Starfield.

Deimos Shipyard  

The Deimos Shipyard in Starfield is another excellent location to build your ship. It is found in the Sol system. The Shipyard is located right next to Mars, towards the bottom left of the Sun. This shipyard grants access to an exhaustive list of Deimos-specific ship parts and other options.

Like Tayo’s Astroneering, this is not the best option to build your ship in the game. But it is still decent enough if you have not made an outpost yet.

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