How To Make The Normandy In Starfield?

The Normandy is the iconic ship from the Mass Effect series that you can create in Starfield. By arranging ship parts in certain ways, you can mimic this iconic space vessel.

The customization options in Starfield are flexible. You can even build ships by taking inspiration from top Sci-fi movies. These ships include the likes of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars and the Normandy from Mass Effect. in Starfield.

Along with introducing the character creator, the game also brings a ship creator to make spaceships according to your preferences. All this is possible if you have ample resources and the required knowledge to utilize them. This guide will teach you how to make the Normandy in Starfield.

Building the Normandy in Starfield

The first thing you should know before building a ship is the required components. For our Normandy ship in Starfield, the required components are as follows:

  • 120LD Landing Bay
  • 100CM Ballast Shielded Cargo Hold
  • Viking CP-22- Cockpit
  • White Dwarf 3000 Engine
  • Warden SG-100 Shield Generator
  • Stroud Engine Bracer A
  • Aurora 11G Grav Drive
  • Hope 5 Landing Gear
  • Accu-Lander 11 Landing Gear
  • M30 Ulysses He3 Tank
  • Taiyo Cowling – Aft Top
  • Nova Cowling 2L-TF

After using the aforementioned components, you will easily get to make a spaceship that looks like Normandy from Mass Effect on the outer side. However, a ship isn’t just made up of the exterior parts. You will need to build and modify the interior separately.

How to Customize the Interior of Normandy

No matter what kind of spacecraft or ship you make, its parts will be readily available in the game. You can purchase these from different in-game companies, including Dogstar and Avionics. You can also visit any Trade Authority Shop and try your luck there. For example, there is one in the Den in Starfield.

Now that you have the required parts, it’s time to find a pre-build ship and customize it according to your desire. You can also try to make everything from scratch without an existing ship. However, that path is a difficult one and may take much longer than you expect it to be.


You can own a ship at the very start of Starfield. Then, you can head to a Ship Service Technician. Once he permits you to modify your ship using the shipbuilder feature, you can add, remove, or change ship parts as needed. You can even change the color scheme of your ship to make it look better.

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