Starfield Mrs. Whitmore’s 6th Grade Class Guide 

Mrs Whitmore and her 6th grade class would be stranded in space in need of ship parts in Starfield. You can help them out for some credits.

While playing Starfield, sometimes you will have a strange encounter with someone in space. These encounters are mostly funny, so you will have humor while you explore the cosmos. Mrs. Whitmore’s 6th grade class in Starfield is an encounter that happens randomly while roaming around in space.

They are in a school ship that needs ship parts as their vessel has broken down. You can choose to help them or leave this class of schoolchildren to the mercy of space.

How to get Mrs. Whitmore’s 6th Grade Class in Starfield? 

Mrs. Whitmore and her 6th grade class will meet with you anywhere in space. They show up randomly and have no prerequisites for them to trigger. 

You will receive a call from Mrs. Whitmore’s 6th-grade class in Starfield when you are nearby. You can choose to ignore her or respond to her problem. She will then tell you that her ship maintenance was due, and the school district was responsible for it.  

But they ignored it, and now their gravity drive in Starfield has stopped working due to the leakage of Helium-3. There will be some humorous dialogue after this which you can enjoy. Some kids will suspect you to be a pirate. If you choose the Crimson Fleet option, Mrs. Whitmore will get scared and disappear instantly.

Click on any other option to continue. You can now offer her help with ten ship parts or turn her down. 


Starfield Mrs. Whitmore’s 6th Grade Class rewards 

If you are a good person and decide to help stranded kids and teachers, she will give you credits as a reward. However, this will only be a meager sum as this is a school trip and not a merchant. You cannot expect them to have a bunch of credits.

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