How To Build Millennium Falcon In Starfield

The Millenium Falcon is the iconic ship from the Star Wars franchise piloted by Han Solo. Using the Starfield ship builder, you can easily recreate it in the game.

Starfield features all kinds of spaceships that you can use to traverse more than 100 star systems. While the game gives you flexibility in character creation using the Character Creator option, it does not hold you back in customizing your ships to make them look exactly as you desire. This way, you can build your favorite star ships, such as the Normandy from Mass Effect or the Millennium Falcon in Starfield from the Star Wars Series.

This guide covers all the components and relevant perks and abilities you need to achieve before making the Millennium Falcon in Starfield.

Building the Millenium Falcon in Starfield

To build Star Wars Millennium Falcon in Starfield, you must consider focusing on two perks: Piloting (Rank 3) and Starship Design (Rank 3). In addition to that, you must accumulate a ton of credits, specifically up to 130,000. You will require even more credits if you aim to pile up the ship with weapons.

As you reach New Atlantis in Starfield for the first time, you will gain access to the Ship Builder System. With this system, you can create new ships or rebuild the existing ones by visiting a Ship Services Technician.

You can pursue several quests available in the game to gain this heavy amount of credits. During these quests, you will encounter several resource-rich planets, especially contraband items you can trade for credits.

All Ship Parts and Components for Millennium Falcon

The following ship components and weapons will be sufficient to build the Millennium Falcon in Starfield.


  • Stability Pro Landing Bay


  • 100DP Slim Docker


  • Viking CP-100 Cockpit


  • White Dwarf 3000 Engine x3


  • M30 Ulysses He3 Tank x2


  • Akku-Lander 11 – Landing Gear x5


  • Nova Galactic Living Quarters 2×1 x 2
  • Nova Galactic Control Station 2×1
  • Nova Galactic Companionway 1×1 x 3
  • Nova Galactic Workshop 2×1
  • Nova Galactic Storeroom 1×1
  • Stroud Storeroom 1×1

Grave Drive

  • R-2000 Alpha Grav Drive


  • 360T Stellarator Reactor


  • 10S Protector Shield Generator


  • Deimos Hull A
  • Deimos Bumper x 2
  • Stroud Nose Cap C x2
  • Nova Cowling 2L-SF
  • Nova Cowling 1L-TF x 2
  • Nova Cowling 1L-TA x 2
  • Nova Cowling 2L-SA
  • Nova Cowling 2L-PF
  • Nova Cowling 2L-TF
  • Nova Cowling 2L-PA
  • Porthole – 3
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