Starfield Marital Drama With The Swiss Family Guide 

You will be tasked with solving a marital drama with the swiss family in Starfield and help a couple settle an argument.

Starfield is filled with random and strange encounters. Some of these encounters are triggered by entering a specific planet or due to a quest, while others are random. Marital Drama with the Swiss Family in Starfield is an example of an encounter triggered during exploration.

It has no official trigger or spawn point and shows up while you are traveling between systems.

How to get Marital Drama with the Swiss Family in Starfield? 

While exploring the stars in Starfield, you will receive a transmission call from a Swiss couple. They will be asking you about the directions. At this point, you can ignore them and turn them away or proceed to help them.

They will ask you for directions and then start arguing with each other. They will try to involve you by asking you who is correct. You can side with either of them or neither of them; it is totally up to you. After this, the encounter will end, and you can continue your adventure.  

Starfield Marital Drama with the Swiss Family rewards 

Unfortunately, the Marital Drama with the Swiss Family has no rewards in the game. But these encounters are there to make the game world more lively and lived in. If you encounter such NPCs, it is generally better to help them out.

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