How To Get M Class Ship Modules In Starfield

M Class ship Modules can be added to your ships, but it will require you to make some modifications.

The M Class Ship Modules in Starfield are enormous ship parts that you cannot use or are unable to access. You can use the M Class modules when you use the mod and type the command on the command console. This way, you can add Class M modules, such as the M Reactor, to your ship.

It would be better if you saved your progress earlier in a separate file before you risk using the M Class Ship modules.

How to unlock M Class Ship Modules in Starfield?

If you want to unlock the M-Class Ship modules, you can use the console command. But this is possible if you are using one of the mods below.

  1. Class M Ship Modules and Ship Builder Unlock – Troigi.
  2. Unlock Class M Modules – Lokkideathwish

This is not good news for console players (PS and Xbox) as the M-Class ship modules are code-blocked and will require Creation Kit to be accessed.

Now, download the mod from either of the creator options above to unlock the M Class Ship modules. The process is relatively simple; you must add the Txt.file to the Starfield root folder. This can be done by accessing the following folders, “SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Starfield” on your PC.

Then, you can start the game and open the command console window. You must enter the following letters: “bat mclassunlock,” and then you can press Enter. After that, you can close the Command Console Window.

Now, you can access and use the M Class Ship modules when you design your Ships in Starfield. However, you must retype this specific command every time you start Starfield. Not doing it will sometimes render you unable to use the Class M Ship modules.

How to Pilot Your M-Class Modded Ships

To Pilot your M Class modded Ships, you must understand some vital things. If you are using a mod to equip an M Class ship parts, you must ensure that the ship you are doing this on is designated as your “home ship.”

This way, you will be able to Pilot your ship. If you forget to designate that ship after all the modification time, you won’t be able to fly it. Instead, when you enter the cockpit, you will receive a message saying you don’t have the required skills to pilot your ship.

To solve this issue, you need to remove all Modifications and make the target ship your home ship. After this, you can again add the M Class modules and pilot the ship.

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