Starfield LIST Colonists Guide 

The LIST Colonists are a group of stranded travelers whose ship has broken down. You can help them for a reward.

Starfield is filled to the brim with encounters that add much-needed depth to the game. Sometimes they simply involve listening to a conversation or a joke; other times they work like fetch quests. The LIST Colonists strange encounter in Starfield is one that occurs randomly while you explore space.  

The LIST Colonists are an unfortunate group that requires your help as their ship has broken down. As you talk to them, you will have a choice to make and in return, you can possibly get some rewards.  

How to get LIST Colonists in Starfield 

As with most strange encounters in Starfield, the LIST colonists can spawn anywhere in space. While you will not be able to pinpoint their exact location, they usually appear after you have entered a new system. So go system-hopping for a bit to increase your chances of triggering them.   

The LIST Colonists ship will approach you randomly and tell you that their ship’s Gravity Drive in Starfield gave out. Due to this, they were unable to perform the last two jumps to reach their new home planet. They ask you for 20 iron so they can fix up their ship. In return the LIST colonists offer you a decent reward.

If you choose not to help them, they will remain stranded in space. Given their situation, they will likely be taken out by some pirates. If you choose to help them, you can do so in two ways. If you have the 20 iron, you can give it to them, and you will be done with the quest.

However, if you do not have the 20 iron, you can tell them you will return. Then you can go to a nearby planet, mine, or buy some iron and return. You can now hand the iron over to the colonists and get your reward.  


Starfield LIST Colonists Rewards 

The reward for this random encounter is credits. You will receive 1500 credits in total for 20 iron.  

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