How Level Scaling Works In Starfield 

Level scaling in games scales the level of your enemies to your own level and ensures that you always have a challenge, but it's not the case in Starfield. The game has a set level for each enemy you face.

Level scaling is introduced in most modern-day RPGs to keep the adventurous nature of gameplay alive. It is a mechanism where enemies scale to your current level, allowing you to explore the game world while facing an appropriate threat level. This ensures you do not feel like a god whose opponents are born to be crushed at his mighty hands. However, this is not how level scaling works in Starfield. 

Starfield offers a unique experience to players when it comes to enemy levels in different map areas.

Is there level scaling in Starfield? 

No, there is no level-scaling in Starfield. The enemies you face on different occasions in the game will have predetermined levels. Some star systems will have enemies having a higher level, while others may have very easy-to-defeat enemies.

However, you will not face enemies similar to or near your level on your journey much. They will either be higher level than you or lower level. Every Star System is assigned a different level range for its inhabitants in Starfield.

Visiting the systems containing low-level opponents is recommended when you are just a beginner. Similarly, as you progress well in the game and have higher character levels, you can visit star systems where stronger enemies await you.

Furthermore, there is no restriction on the level of star systems you can travel to. You can visit a very high-level system even at the start of your gameplay. However, remember that your journey will be full of strong enemy troops, which can pose difficulties for your system navigation. 


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