Starfield Legacy’s End Walkthrough

"Legacy's End" shuts down either the Crimson Fleet or the UC SysDef permanently, depending on your Starfield choices.

“Legacy’s End” is the final faction mission for the Crimson Fleet in Starfield with a pivotal choice to make. This mission ends the Crimson Vleet vs. the UC SysDef debate. The faction you choose to side with will alter the main storyline and your relationships with several characters.

We’ll explain both aspects equally to give you a clear view of what you’ll be going for when you make a choice. Both choices have their own objectives and rewards, and gaining more insight into this mission might affect your choices.

How to unlock the Legacy’s End mission

After you complete Eye of the Storm and board your ship with Kryx’s Legacy, you’ll face a story-changing choice in Starfield.

You can either travel to UC Vigilance and side with UC SysDef to complete the mission from the UC perspective or head to The Key where you’ll join the Crimson Fleet.

How to complete Legacy’s End in Starfield

Something very important to know before starting Legacy’s End is that your companions will favor you siding with the UC SysDef. You will impact their affinity if you decide to side with the Crimson Fleet.

We’ll discuss both choices and leave the ultimate decision to you.


Take Kryx’s Legacy to UC SysDef

If you set your destination to UC Vigilance to side with the UC SysDef, you’ll find the UC ship under the attack of the Crimson Fleet. Your objective will be to take the Crimson ships out, which will allow you to board the UC Flagship and continue your quest line.

Once you dock and land on the UC ship, you must head over to the Operation Center to meet Commander Ikande and Lieutenant Toft.

Converse with them, and you’ll receive the call sign called ‘Renegade.’ You’ll be sent on a mission that will initiate the final attack to debilitate the Crimson Fleet for good.

You’ll be tasked to annihilate three Defensive Batteries and make your way to the Key to continue the story.

Disable the Defensive Batteries

As you side with the UC Vigilance, you’ll be tasked to eliminate the Crimson Fleet defenses. This requires you to disable three Defensive Batteries: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.

You’ll need powerful weaponry to annihilate the battery. Moreover, you’ll also have to deal with Crimson ships, as they’ll attack you during your mission. Take out each battery one after the other while battling the ships of the Crimson Fleet.

Head to the Key and wait for backup

Once you take the Defense Batteries down, you’ll be tasked to head over to the Key, where a battle will await you.

At the start of the scene, you will have almost zero backup and have to complete the dirty work yourself. Your ship maneuverability and weaponry will come a long way in this fight.

Try to take out each ship one by one, and do not overwhelm yourself as you approach the Key, Soon enough, the UC SysDef will jump on the scene to provide backup. Take down all the defenses and head to the Key to board it.

Enter the Key and reach the Operations Center

As you go through the Key, you’ll have to go from one objective to the other and kill many pirates you encounter. You’ll have to kill many characters that were once your allies.

The first thing you must do is find Jazz’s Ship Services. You’ll be able to find her computer and gain access to it to unlock the door to the Depot.

As you make your way to the Depot, you’ll encounter familiar faces and have to kill them all to progress.

Eventually, you’ll come to the Last Nova Bar, where you’ll kill some more ex-allies. You can find the Last Nova computer here to unlock the door to the Reckoner’s Core.

Deactivate the bomb and save Shinya’s life (optional)

As you enter the Reckoner’s Cave, you’ll come face to face with Shinya Voss, who has an activated bomb attached to him. You have three options here: Either let him die in the explosion, kill him yourself, or deactivate the bomb (optional quest).

If you deactivate the bomb and save Shinya’s life, he’ll be taken as a UC prisoner. To deactivate the bomb you have to progress further and find Delgado’s Computer. It’s in the next section of this Starfield Legacy’s End walkthrough.

Gain access to the computer and disable the bomb. This will allow Shinya to surrender as a UC SysDef prisoner.

Should you persuade or kill Delgado?

Once you’re done with Shinya Voss, go to the Bunks and keep progressing until you come to the Operations Center. This is where you’ll come face-to-face with Delgado.

He will have locked himself behind bulletproof glass in a second-floor office inside the Operations Center. Delgado will claim he has overloaded the reactors inside the Key, and soon, an explosion will kill everyone.

From here on, you have two courses of action: either persuade Delgado or kill him. Persuading Delgado will lead him to surrender and is the peaceful option to go for. He will disable the reactor, surrender himself, and become a UC Vigilance prisoner. This will save everyone from the explosion.

The other option is to kill him, which will require you to shut down the Reactors and gain entrance to Delgado’s location to kill him. Players can access the Advanced Pirate Corsair Spacesuit and the Tempest Gun by choosing this option.

Head back to the UC Vigilance

Once you have dealt with the Crimson Fleet, leave the Key and head over to the UC Vigilance. Meet Commander Ikande in the Operations center, where you’ll be applauded for your success against the Crimson Fleet. Moreover, you will also be heavily rewarded.  

Take Kryx’s Legacy to Crimson Fleet

If you would rather side with the Crimson Fleet and make the UC SysDef your enemy, you must head to the Key after completing the Eye of the Storm mission.

Take the Kryx’s Legacy to Delgado and prepare yourself for a battle with the UC SysDef. The events unfold as follows:

Secure the Defensive Batteries

When you head to the Key with Kryx’s Legacy, you’ll find the Key under the attack of UC SysDef spaceships. These ships will be trying to take down the defense batteries.

You’ll have to load your ship with heavy weaponry and protect the three Defensive Batteries: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.

Once you’re done securing the Defensive Batteries, head to the Key, where you’ll find the UC Vigilance along with UC vessels initiating their final attack against the Crimson Fleet.

Disable the UC Vigilance

As you approach the Key, you’ll find the UC Vigilance and other UC Spaceships attacking the Crimson Fleet. There will be UC vessels protecting the UC Vigilance, and you’ll have to take them out to gain access to the UC SysDef. Destroy all the UC ships to gain access to the UC Vigilance.

You’ll have to destroy the defenses of the UC Vigilance by taking down its ship hull and shields. This will allow you to board the ship with ease. After boarding the ship, head inside to continue the mission.

Enter the UC Vigilance and release all prisoners (optional)

When you head inside the UC Vigilance, you can increase your allies by releasing the prisoners of the Brig, which is optional. You can do this by making your way to the Cargo Bay and heading left in the Brig.

You’ll encounter Armin Petrosyan, who holds the password to the Brig. Kill him and retrieve the password, which you’ll use on the computer to unlock all cells. This will release all prisoners that were captured in the Burden of Proof mission.

Fight your way to the Operations Center

Once you’re done here, head through the Cargo Bay and find your way to the Robotics Bay. You’ll encounter robots in here, so take them out to proceed forward.

Once you’re done with that, head towards the Engineer Room, where your crew will join you. As you progress through the area, you’ll encounter multiple enemies you’ll have to kill.

Sooner or later, you’ll reach the Control Room, where you’ll interact with Adler Kemp.

Adler offers you a robot army to assist you in capturing the UC Vigilance. Moreover, you will also be warned of the deadly traps that lie ahead.

You’ll eventually come to the Mess Hall, where a deadly battle between both sides will take place. Bullets will be swaying in every direction, so watch out and take all your enemies out.

Once you clear the area, head over to the Crew Quarters, which is located left of the Mess Hall. You’ll come across more UC soldiers and must kill them all.

After clearing out this area, make your way to the Flight Controls Room. At this instance, Commander Ikande will order everyone to abandon the ship and the UC SysDef enemies will all surrender.

Should you persuade or attack Commander Ikande?

As you approach Commander Ikande, he’ll claim that self-destruct has been initiated and that everything will be destroyed. You can take two courses of action here to save the ship from self-destruction.

How to deal with Ikande in Legacy's End in Starfield?

The first option here is to persuade Ikande to surrender. The battle will end if successful, and Ikande will stop the ship from self-destructing.

The other option is to attack Commander Ikande. You’ll have to fight Ikande, Toft, and some robots. Once you kill them both, search the bodies to get the Command Code Keys. Put the keys into the computer to stop the self-destruct.

Return to The Key

Once you’re done with all the objectives, head back to the Key, where you’ll be met with celebrations and applause. You must head over to the Operation Centre and meet Delgado, where you’ll exchange a few words, and the Legacy’s End mission will conclude.

Starfield – Legacy’s End mission rewards

Depending on which side you choose to side with, you’ll get the following rewards in Legacy’s End in Starfield:

Rewards for Siding with Crimson Fleet

  • 250,000 Credit
  • Unfair Advantage Pistol by killing Commander Ikande
  • Good relationship with Crimson Fleet
  • Access to Crimson Fleet Mission Board
  • New Crew Member Mathis

Rewards for Siding with UC SysDef

  • 250,000 Credit
  • Admittance to UC SysDef Mission Board
  • SysDef Formal Uniform
  • Delgado’s Gear (Advanced Pirate Corsair and the Tempest)
  • Access to UC Vigilance
  • Companions will favor this decision

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