Should You Take Hero Worshipped Trait In Starfield?

If you want a free crew member in Starfield who helps you by giving you gifts as well, then the Hero Workshipped Trait is for you.

Hero Worshipped Trait is one of the traits in Starfield and is definitely in the conversation of one of the best traits. The Trait is worth it because of its perks, which I will review in this guide soon. My main focus will be to brief you on whether you should consider the Hero Worshipped Trait.

I will further tell you about the benefits of picking the Trait in Starfield and how to remove it. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Should You Choose the Hero Worshipped Trait?

The Hero Worshipped Trait is offered shortly after you start your journey in Starfield. It includes an Adoring Fan that randomly spawns throughout the game and converses with you frequently.

He will run towards you hastily and show you compliments as soon as he gets to talk with you. The Adoring Fan in Starfield has a valuable ability that lets him act as a piggybank for you. Hero Worshipped Trait is also considerable because it is compatible with all your traits and has no incompatibility.

The Adoring Fan also has multiple abilities that can be appropriately harnessed if he is to be recruited as your crew member. If you require a cheerful, determined, and strong crew member to rely on, you should choose the Hero Worshipped Trait.

Benefits of picking the Hero Worshipped Trait in Starfield

The Trait offers you the Adoring fan packed with Scavenging, Concealment, and Weightlifting skills out of the box. He can be on a ship or outpost or act as a companion. Due to his weight lifting ability, he can store many items and act as an easily accessible vault.


He will also offer you some gifts equipped with his adoration. The Adoring fan stands out in having the most dialogue instances in Starfield. His endless compliments and charming personality will further boost your morale.

How to remove Hero Worshipped Trait in Starfield

The never-ending adoration can annoy players, tending them towards getting rid of the Adoring Fan. To get rid of him, you need to remove Hero Worshipped Trait. You can opt for a dialogue that attacks him and concludes with Adoring Fan’s death in Starfield.

A fair approach here is opting for another dialogue criticizing his personality traits and choosing the dialogue option that tends to the Adoring Fan leaving you permanently. You can also perform a persuading check dialogue; if you are lucky enough, he will move quickly.

He will not persist in Starfield if you kill him in the specific dialogue. He won’t know what is coming for him. If you choose to part ways with him, he will show a bit of resistance but eventually succumb to the inevitable of him parting ways with you.

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