Starfield Best Helmets Ranked

Helmets in Starfield will protect your noggin from damage alongside your spacesuit. You need to which ones are better so you can make an informed decision on what to choose.

Starfield features all the customization options you would expect from a proper action RPG. You can customize your character and choose what gear they would wear. In Starfield, spacesuits are your main armor type completed with helmets on top.

Helmets protect your head and create an airtight seal, allowing you to use your suit’s oxygen and breathe in space. You must go to your inventory screen and the helmets tab to equip helmets. Here, you will see a list of all available helmets in your inventory.

Best Helmets in Starfield  

Spacesuits in Starfield and, by extension, Helmets have three main defensive attributes—physical [PHYS], energy [ENGY], and electromagnetic [EM].  

[PHYS] is your physical resistance to both ballistic and melee damage 

[ENGY] dictates how resistant you are to energy weapons  

[EM] is your resistance to electromagnetic weapons 

1. Old Earth Space Helmet 

The Old Earth Space Helmet is a helmet in Starfield with the following stats: 74 PHYS, 58 ENGY, and 66 EM. These attributes make it an extremely versatile and reliable piece of equipment. It can be particularly handy when enemies become extremely difficult during the late game. The Old Earth Space Helmet has a value of 5320 and a mass of 2.60.  

2. Bounty Hunter Space Helmet 

Next up on our list is the Bounty Hunter Space Helmet. This helmet is also an excellent late-game choice, boasting 72 PHYS, 56 ENGY, and 64 EM. Its mass is on the higher side 6.90, which could make you over-encumbered if you are not careful.

This helmet has a value of 5400. Alternatively, you can also use the Explorer Space Helmet and the UC Urbanwar Space Helmet, as they have nearly the same stats.   

3. Mark I Space Helmet 

The Mark I Space Helmet takes the third spot on our list. It has slightly lower attributes of 66 PHYS, 64 ENGY, but marginally higher resistance to EM with 68. Like the options above, this is also a solid late-game helmet option. This helmet has a value of 9255 and a mass of 2.30.  

4. Mantis Space Helmet  

The fourth spot on our list goes to the Mantis Space Helmet. This helmet has the following stats: 54 PHYS, 46 ENGY, and 50 EM. These values represent a significant shift from the Mark I Helmet. This Helmet works best for the mid to late game. It has a mass of 5.4 and a value of 8270. 

5. Mercury Space Helmet 

The Mercury Space Helmet takes the fifth spot on our list. Some attributes of this helmet are lower, while some are higher when compared to the Mantis Space Helmet. It has 50 PHYS, 52 ENGY, and 54 EM. This is once again a good mid to late-game option. It has a mass of 5.61 and a value of 5838.  

6. Experimental Nishina Helmet 

The Experimental Nishina Helmet takes the next spot on the list. It has the following attributes: 47 PHYS, 55 ENGY, and 51 EM. This is one of the helmets that works best for the middle game in Starfield as its values are less impressive than the above options. This helmet has a mass of 2.20 and a value of 900.  

7. UC Antixeno Space Helmet  

The seventh spot on our list goes to the IC Antixeno Space Helmet. It has the following attributes: 44 PHYS, 42 ENGY, and 46 EM. These attributes make it a great mid to early-game helmet. It has a mass of 4.80 and a value of 3070. This helmet marks a pretty significant downward shift in all defensive attributes. 

8. Ranger Space Helmet  

The Ranger Space Helmet is the next helmet on our list. Given its usefulness during the early to mid-game, it takes the eighth spot. Its attributes are 44 PHYS, 36 ENGY, and 40 EM. This helmet has a mass of 3.20 and a value of 2505. It is slightly worse than the UC Antixeno but still holds its own.  

9. SysDeF Armored Space Helmet  

The second to last spot on our list is the SYSDEF Armored Space Helmet in Starfield. It has the following attributes: 40 PHYS 42 ENGY 44 EM. Although it scores higher in ENGY and EM when compared to the Ranger Space Helmet, it scores much worse in PHYS. It is suitable for the early game and has a value of 1565 and a mass of 2.20.  

10. Cydonia Space Helmet  

The Cydonia Space Helmet, which takes the tenth and final spot on our list, is an excellent early-game option. It has base attributes of 46 PHYS, 24 ENGY, and 28 EM. This helmet has a mass of 2.10 and a value of 2470. Although it scores high in the PHYS category, the ENGY and EM categories are fairly low.  

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