How To Heal In Starfield

Healing is essential in Starfield if you wish to survive as there is no health regeneration so let us explain how you can heal in the game.

Space is a dangerous place to be in and in Starfield it is doubly so with the likes of the Crimson Fleet pirates and Bounty Hunters always on your back. Even exploring quiet planets puts you the target of dangerous creatures that inhabit them, often leaving you with little to no health. Starfield does not have an auto health regeneration system, so you must do it manually.

As such, after every combat encounter, you need to heal. But how are you supposed to do that? In this guide, we’ll be going over how exactly you can heal in Starfield, along with items that grant the most health and food items that heal you too. We’ll also be going over how you can increase your maximum health in Starfield.

Healing in Starfield

Healing during combat encounters can be done with the assistance of Aid items. These include med packs and other consumables that either restore your health straight away or heal and give buffs that regen health for a short while. 

Healing items are automatically assigned to your favorites. When you’re in combat, simply press down on the D-Pad or the ‘0’ key if you’re on PC and your character will heal themselves. You can assign additional healing items to all other hotkeys if you wish.

Alternatively, you can open your inventory and manually select the item you want to heal with and press the A button on Xbox and the ‘E’ key If you’re playing on PC.

Outside of combat, you can heal with consumables, however, this may waste valuable med packs that may be more useful during combat. 

The best way to restore health out of combat in Starfield is to find a bed, your spaceship has a bed, that is accessible to you at all times.

Alternatively, you can go to any purchased house or apartment and use the bed there. Simply sleep in the bed and you’ll wake up with a full bar of health and even a timed XP boost.

Best Healing items in Starfield

Med Pack – This is your standard, most reliable form of healing. A standard med pack heals you for 4% HP per second, for 10 seconds. In total, that’s 40% healing from one med pack. Stacking these up when you can is essential. You can do so by looting enemy bodies, some have a chance to drop it on death. Otherwise

Trauma Pack – This item restores 7% health per second for 5 seconds. Though the total health restored (35%) is less than the Med Pack, the time it takes to restore health is significantly lower, which can make all the difference in a tough altercation.

Emergency Kit – This is one of the rarest healing items in Starfield but is also the most effective out of all available items. The Emergency Kit restores 12% of your HP for 4 seconds, which surmounts 48% of your total health. It is found with only a few vendors with one being the Trade Authority vendor in the Den.

Heart+  This isn’t a traditional healing item but rather a chem. It is extremely effective, however, as it gives you 20% HP for 2 minutes, totaling 40% health recovery. Additionally, Heart+ also gives you +200 damage resistance for 2 minutes.

While Med Packs and similar items have a chance of being looted from dead NPCs / Chests, the Green and White Emergency First Aid stations on walls have a higher chance of storing these essentials. You can add healing items to your inventory by using item IDs and the console command function.

Healing Power in Starfield

If you’re in a pinch during combat and need to heal up in an instant, you can use the Life Forced power to heal yourself. This power basically sucks the health out of a nearby enemy and gives it to you. So not only are you healed but you also end up damaging your opponent. 

Foods that restore health in Starfield

Food items don’t restore as much health as Trauma Packs and Med Packs but they’re a great alternative to fall on if you have neither of those items available.

Food can be bought, looted, or even cooked and will be stored in your inventory and unlike Fallout 76, food does not spoil in Starfield. Here are some of the food items that you can use to restore health in Starfield. 

GrapesRestores 2 health
LettuceRestores 2 health
CarrotRestores 2 health
Boom Pop! ColaRestores 3 health +10% Oxygen recovery for 3 minutes
CheeseRestores 3 health
BaguetteRestores 3 health
ButterRestores 3 health
Drink Pack: MilkRestores 3 health
Meal Pack: CerealRestores 3 health
Synthameat SteakRestores 3 health
Synthameat TurkeyRestores 3 health
Meal Pack SushiRestores 5 health
Distilled WaterRestores 3 health Actions use -20% Oxygen for 3 minutes
Drink Pack: WaterRestores 3 health Actions use -20% Oxygen for 3 minutes
Can-Uck! Pancakes PlusRestores 5 health
Chunk’s AppleRestores 5 health
Chunk’s BeefRestores 5 health
Chunk’s CheesesteakRestores 5 health
Instant OatmealRestores 5 health
Oat ClustersRestores 5 health
Midnight DelightRestores 5 health
Melon CaviarRestores 10 health
Patty MeltRestores 15 health
Alien StewRestores 20 health +100 DMG resistance for 12 minutes
UC Battlemeal MultipackRestores 20 health+8 Carry Capacity for 8 minutes

How to increase the effectiveness of health items in Starfield

With the Medicine skill from the Science skill tree, you can improve the effectiveness of healing items. It has four tiers with each tier improving its effectiveness.

Rank 1Med Packs, Trauma Packs, and Emergency Kits restore 10% additional Health 10% fasterN/A
Rank 2Med Packs, Trauma Packs, and Emergency Kits restore 20% additional Health 20% fasterUse 20 healing items when wounded or at low health
Rank 3Med Packs, Trauma Packs, and Emergency Kits restore 30% additional Health 30% fasterUse 50 healing items when wounded or at low health
Rank 4Med Packs, Trauma Packs, and Emergency Kits restore 50% additional Health 50% faster and have a chance to cure an afflictionUse 100 healing items when wounded or at low health

You can increase the effectiveness of food items in Starfield by unlocking the Nutrition skill from the Physical skill tree. This is a tier 2 skill, so you should be able to acquire it fairly early on. This skill has four levels.

Rank 1Food and drink are 10% more effective.N/A
Rank 2Food and drink are now 20% more effective.Consume 10 food or drink items
Rank 3Food and drink are now 30% more effective.Consume 30 food or drink items
Rank 4Food and drink are now 50% more effective.Consume 75 food or drink items

Lastly, you can increase the rate at which health regenerates by unlocking the Rejuvenation Skill in the Physical skill tree.  You must spend 12 skill points in the physical skill tree before you can unlock it. This skill is more passive but works greatly to increase the effectiveness of healing items in Starfield.

Rank 1Slowly regenerate health outside of combatSpend 12 skill points in the Physical skill tree
Rank 2Quickly regenerate health outside of combatfall below 25% health a total of 3 times then heal completely
Rank 3Quickly regenerate health outside of combat Slowly regenerate health during combatfall below 25% health a total of 8 times then heal completely
Rank 4Regenerate health outside of combat even quickerQuickly regenerate health during combatfall below 25% health a total of 15 times then heal completely

How to increase max health in Starfield

Increasing your maximum health in Starfield becomes absolutely pivotal towards the end of the game. Healing is not the only factor you should be looking at when it comes to HP.

In Starfield, you can increase your max health by unlocking the Wellness Skill in the Physical skill tree. It has four tiers, some backgrounds already come with the Wellness Skill unlocked including the Combat Mechanic and Diplomat.

Rank 1Increase maximum health by 10%NA
Rank 2Increase maximum health by 20%Heal 200 damage by any means
Rank 3Increase maximum health by 30%Heal 500 damage by any means
Rank 4Increase maximum health by 40%Heal 1,000 damage by any means

How to heal afflictions in Starfield

Sometimes you may be affected by an Affliction which are status effect that you in various ways some of which decrease your maximum health. It is important to treat them straight away. Here’s how you can treat every affliction in Starfield

AfflictionHow to heal
Radiation PoisoningSnake Oil and/or Injector
PoisonedSnake Oil and/or Injector
Lung DamageSnake Oil and/or Injector
HerniaSnake Oil and/or Injector
HeatstrokeSnake Oil and/or Injector
HypothermiaSnake Oil and/or Injector
BurnSnake Oil and/or Injector
Brain InjurySnake Oil and/or Injector
Dislocated LimbImmobilizer
Fractured LimbImmobilizer
Fractured SkullImmobilizer
Torn MuscleImmobilizer
BurnHeal Paste
FrostbiteHeal Paste
Puncture WoundZipper Bandages and/or standard Bandages
LacerationZipper Bandages and/or standard Bandages
ContusionZipper Bandages and/or standard Bandages
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