How To Heal In Starfield

Healing is essential in Starfield if you wish to survive as there is no health regeneration so let us explain how you can heal in the game.

Space is a dangerous place in, even more so in Starfield where you have the likes of Crimson Fleet pirates to deal with. As such, you will be getting into a lot of fights in the game that will leave you worse for wear. Unlike most other games, Starfield does not have an auto health regeneration system. This means you will have to manually heal after every fight, or even heal yourself mid-combat. That brings up the quest, how are you supposed to heal or regen health in Starfield?

How to heal in Starfield

Luckily, there are multiple ways to heal your character in Starfield, both in and out of combat. If you have played any Bethesda game, you should be familiar with the healing mechanics in Starfield. Healing during combat can be done with the assistance of Aid items. These include med packs and other consumables that either straight up give health or heal and give buffs that regen health for a short while.

If you wish to heal yourself out of combat, you can still use those consumables although it might be a waste. The best way to restore health out of combat in Starfield is to find a bed nearby. Simply sleep in it and you will wake up refreshed and with full health.

For those who wish to heal through items, especially when at low health during fights, we have included all the items you can use to heal. You can slot these into your Favorites bar and use them at will or open the inventory and consume them. By default, the med pack is slotted to the “0” key on your keyboard.

By unlocking the Nutrition skill from the Physical skill tree and Medicine from the Science skill tree you can improve the effectiveness of healing items. The tier 4 Physical skill, Rejuvenation can also provide you passive health regeneration out of combat. However, you will need to spend at least 11 points in the Physical skill tree before you can unlock Rejuvenation to heal in Starfield.

Healing items

Med Pack – This is your standard, most reliable form of healing. A standard med pack heals you for 4% HP per second, for 10 seconds. In total, that’s 40% healing from one med pack. Stacking these up when you can is essential. You can do so by looting enemy bodies, some have a chance to drop it on death. Otherwise


Trauma Pack – This item restores 7% health per second for 5 seconds. Though the total health restored (35%) is less than the Med Pack, the time it takes to restore health is significantly lower, which can make all the difference in a tough altercation.

While Med Packs and similar items have a chance of being looted from dead NPCs / Chests, the Green and White Emergency First Aid stations on walls have a higher chance of storing these essentials.

Foods that restore health

Starfield Healing Items

While not as effective at healing as the standard med packs, food items, whether raw or cooked, tend to be far more common and can be helpful in a pinch. Some of the various health-restoring food items include:

Grapes – Restores 2 health.

Lettuce – Restores 2 health.

Carrot – Restores 2 health.

Boom Pop! Cola – Restores 3 health and +10% Oxygen recovery for 3 minutes.

Cheese – Restores 3 health.

Baguette – Restores 3 health.

Butter – Restores 3 health.

Drink Pack: Milk – Restores 3 health.

Meal Pack Cereal – Restores 3 health.

Synthameat Steak – Restores 3 health.

Synthameat Turkey – Restores 3 health.

Meal Pack Sushi – Restores 5 health.

Distilled Water – Restores 3 health and actions use -20% Oxygen for 3 minutes.

Drink Pack: Water – Restores 3 health and actions use -20% Oxygen for 3 minutes.

Can-Uck! Pancakes Plus – Restores 5 health.

Chunk’s Apple – Restores 5 health.

Chunk’s Beef – Packaged – Restores 5 health.

Chunk’s Cheesesteak – Restores 5 health.

Instant Oatmeal – Restores 5 health.

Oat Clusters – Restores 5 health.

Midnight Delight – Restores 5 health.

Melon Caviar – Restores 10 health.

Patty Melt – Restores 15 health.

Alien Stew – Restores 20 health, +100 DMG resistance for 12 minutes.

UC Battlemeal Multipack – Restores 20 health, +8 Carry Capacity for 8 minutes

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