Starfield Healing Explained

If you want to survive during your exploration of the stars in Starfield, you need to know how to heal. Healing in the game is done via various ways. You can use any of them to recover your health.

Starfield will have you take on all manner of enemies from basic pirates to bosses. During your encounters with them, you will take damage and will need to heal. But for a newbie, the healing system in Starfield can be a little challenging to understand.

Healing is essential in the game as it ensures that your character stays alive and fighting in the game. You can recover your lost health and get back to exploring the stars in Starfield. As such, there are multiple ways to heal in the game.

How to Heal in Starfield

The instant healing way in Starfield is through Med Packs and Trauma Packs. Med Packs will provide more healing than Trauma packs will. But Trauma packs can still be better than nothing. You can find them lying around in ships and outposts. Keep an eye out for them and pick them up along the way. 

You can use them to heal your character by consuming them in the inventory, but that is just an unpractical way. What you should do instead is give them a quick slot. You can then use the designated button for the short slot to quickly heal your character.

Open your inventory, select the item you want to equip in the quick slot, and then press B. This will add the item to your favorites, and then you can slot them into a short slot. Choose any available button of your liking. 

How to increase health in Starfield

Another option to ensure survivability in Starfield is by maxing out your health bar. This can be done through upgrading the Wellness Skill. You will first need to unlock the Physical Skill and then invest skill points to gain anywhere from 10%-40% max health. 

You can also have proficiencies with traits and backgrounds you choose in character creation. For example, Alien DNA is a trait that will allow you to start with more health and oxygen. But the healing items you use will not be as effective. The Cyberneticit background will let you to start with Medicine which is also upgradable by investing skill points in it.  

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