How To Visit And Explore Halo Reach Planet In Starfield

This Planet is similar to the Halo Reach.

Players can visit the Halo Reach planet in Starfield to build their outpost. This easter egg planet doesn’t even require you to have a spacesuit so that you can visit it easily. In the Halo series, there is a whole game dedicated to this planet called Halo Reach, which showcases the game’s storyline on this planet.

It is an integral part of the Halo universe, and even if all series are not based on it, most of the storyline is derived from this planet. Even though it is a reference, it is not a copy of the original Halo game. The similarities that hinted at it being a reference to Halo is due to the system name,

Eridani, similar to the Halo universe, is called Epsilon Eridani. That universe had a planet named Reach, which is named Eridini II in Starfield. In this guide, I will help you reach and explore this planet.

Where to find Halo Reach planet in Starfield

As mentioned above, this planet is in the Eridani system. You’ll need a ship with good engines that can make at least 16 LY jumps to reach it. This is required due to several stops in between.

To find its location on the map, scroll down to the southwestern side of Alpha Centauri. In the corner here, you’ll find the Eridani System. Travel to this system and then look for Eridani II. This would be on the second orbit. Click on any of the available landing areas to land and explore.

When you land on this planet in Starfield, you’ll see how much it resembles the Halo universe planet, minus the machinery and fights. It is similar to Earth in its biome, with a stable temperate climate and steady land.

This makes it a good planet for setting up outposts for mining valuable resources like Chlorine, Nickel, Cobalt, Gold, Water, Iron, Copper, and Fluorine. Additionally, the planet is free from any opposing force, making it a peaceful stop in Starfield.

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