Starfield Freestar Kifr And The Miner Guide

While exploring space in Starfield, you will encounter the Freestar Kifr and the Miner. They will threaten you but that's about it.

The Freestar Kifr and the Miner are a part of the many random encounters in Starfield. You will be exploring space, minding your own business when suddenly a Freestar Kifr ship will approach you. It will warn you to stay away with no context whatsoever. 

They will also have a noisy miner on board who will be making a ruckus.

How to get the Freestar Kifr and the Miner in Starfield? 

You will get the Freestar Kifr, and the Miner encounter completely randomly. This encounter usually triggers as soon as you exit a Grav jump and are near a planet. If you get hailed by a random ship telling you to stay away, you will have triggered this random encounter.

There is not much to do here with this encounter other than get seemingly threatened. The Miner will take over the comms shortly after and apologize for the pilot’s behavior. After that, they will go on their merry way. You can try and attacking the ship. You can destroy it, board it, and steal it just like any other vessel but even then you get nothing special.

Starfield Freestar Kifr and the Miner Rewards 

There are no rewards available for the Freestar Kifr and the Miner encounter in Starfield. You can destroy the ship and loot the remains. Other than that, you can simply enjoy the strange encounter, 

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