How To Fix “Mods Not Working” Issue In Starfield

Things can get frustrating when trying to take full advantage of a mod in Starfield but encountering a Mod Not Working issue.

The mods can flavor Starfield by further customization and enhancing its performance, but you might also face issues like Mods Not Working. This error is annoying as it does not let you try the diverse mods you can find on the Nexus Mods platform.

You must check your game directory to fix the Mods not working Issue in Starfield. Look for a specific file and make changes to it correctly. Don’t worry about the mod not working issue; I have you covered.

Starfield Mods not Working issue solutions

Before we get into how to fix the mods not working issue, we must understand why it is happening. This error is due to the incompatibility and ambiguity caused by Starfield’s files with an “ini” extension. Tackling these files requires you to edit them cautiously and ultimately reduce the margin of error.

If you do not edit it correctly, it can cause further issues in the game that will not lead to the repair of the issue in place.

Make sure the StarfieldCustom.ini file extension is correct

To solve the issue, first look for the root of the problem in Starfield, which is the filename “StarfieldCustom.ini.” Investigate the file further by looking at the contents and the extension of the file. Ensure that it is not in a .txt extension and that all the characters inside the file are lowercase.

This makes the situation case-sensitive, and we advise you to check the file with high scrutiny and leave no chance for mistakes.


Set File Privileges to Read Only

If the issue of mods not working remains unsolved in Starfield, we advise you to locate the Starfield.ini file and inspect the elements inside the file. After deep inspection, set the file privileges to read-only.

Ensure Mods saved location

The issue can occur if the mod location differs from the game location. The solution to this issue requires you to move the mods safely to the designated location, the My Games folder, and the subfolder inside Starfield called the Game folder.

To enhance mods’ workability further, navigate to Vortex Mods Manager and enable HardLink Deployment. The option is under the Deployment method panel. Do not get confused by the panel of Vortex, as it is easy to use and does a lot when it comes to mods installation. Vortex is also a hub for many of the mods of Starfield.

Solving the mods not working issue might be a more significant problem. But if you follow the steps as instructed, you can play Starfield with your desired Mods in no time.

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