Should You Choose File Not Found Background In Starfield?

File Not Found is a background in Starfield that you can choose, but is it worth it?

In Starfield, File Not Found is a background option that you get while choosing a background for your character. You will observe this after the Xenobiologist background. Remember that each set comes with its starting skills and information.

However, you will see that, unlike the rest of these backgrounds, the File Not Found Background is pretty much unanimous. Moreover, the starting skills you will get here include Wellness, Ballistics, and Plotting in Starfield.

If you want to know more about this particular background, continue reading. I will discuss whether you should choose the [File Not Found background] in this Starfield guide.

Should you pick the File Not Found Background?

As mentioned, the File Not Found Background does not give any background information in Starfield. This piece of intel is vital for your character in many ways because it explains your backstory.

If you pick this background, your back story won’t be made known to anyone apart from yourself. This may indicate that there is a mystery behind the “File Not Found” Background.

Apart from that, if you pick this background, you will get essential skills for your survival. These will include the Wellness skill that will target towards higher max health (10 percent) for your character.


Next, you will have the Ballistic skill, allowing you to exert better weapon damage of (10 percent) as well. Lastly, you will get the Piloting skill. This allows you to maneuver your ship and utilize its thrusters at a basic level in Starfield.

You must focus on these three core skills, as you can’t exploit other skills apart from those in Starfield.

What changes File Not Found Background makes in Starfield

Now that you know what the File Note Found Background has to offer, you can also look towards the changes it makes in your gameplay.

Changes Dialogue and Determines Skills

Once you choose this Background in Starfield, you will only notice minor changes to the dialogue options with NPC characters. This will include dialogues like Sam mentioning that “Core doesn’t get too much underfoot,” etc.

These small changes won’t affect your main campaign missions too much, and you will sometimes get to hear unique dialogue options from your companions, etc.

Memory Loss will not affect your Gameplay

You should know that the Starfield Playthrough is easy, and you can play with any background. This will also be the case for Starfield’s File Not Found Background.

In short, you will be playing a protagonist who suffers from memory loss, though you are the only one aware of your past in the game. The only thing that matters is your skills for survival, and the ones provided in this background will be enough to keep you alive and kicking during your missions.

File Not Found and Traits Don’t Make Sense

This Background in Starfield has a hidden past that only you know, complicating things in Starfield. This is because if you choose any other background, you can visit your past life and meet with the characters, such as your parents.

You can learn some hints of your history there, but in terms of this particular background, [File Note Found], you will find it quite odd. By even meeting the parents, you will not be able to piece together the history related to the File Not Found Background.

Furthermore, the only piece of intel you will get to know here is that your job was related to working in the mines in Vectera, so that these trait options won’t make too much sense.

You will also learn another trait related to this specific background: File not Found in Starfield. This time, it will be heard through the narrator’s voice, which will mention the Hero Worshipped trait for this background. This will complicate things further because the unknown background doesn’t mix up quite well with this different trait, including being a mine worker or a Herc.

Saving File Not Found for second Playthrough

If you plan on selecting the Background [File Not Found] for your second Playthrough, you will have to adjust to the dialogue changes. Moreover, the essential skills you get with this background may not be enough to smooth sailing in the early stages of the Starfield.

You must engage in frequent dialogue discussions and combat scenarios with different NPC characters in the game. However, this doesn’t change your character’s outcome at the end, as this background may have a mysterious past, but the game remains the same.

This means there won’t be any repercussions should you choose the File Not Found Background. It is advisable to look towards other background options as they won’t restrict you too much to essential skills, which is the case for [File Not Found] in Starfield.

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